Lava Cake Strain

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Lava Cake Strain
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Everyone has their favorite strain for various reasons, maybe even a few strains for daytime or nighttime use. Whether you prefer sativa or indica weed strains, everyone has a preference when it comes down to what type of ganja they are smoking. Lava cake strain is one of the popular strains that many like to smoke after a long day. There is a lot to uncover with a strain like lava cake so buckle up with your  best bong and learn more about this relaxing strain in case you feel like grabbing some the next time you are at your local dispensary. This is one of the best top shelf weed strains around so if you have any access at the dispensary you go to, try a few grams and see if you like it. Hint: you will and most likely will go back for more. Fair warning!

Lava cake weed strain

The first thoughts that come to mind with lava cake weed strain is how sweet it probably tastes, maybe similar to a lava flow? Why is lava cake strain called by this name and who gave it that name? This article exists to answer any and all questions related to lava cake strain and guaranteed to be a top contender on your list of weed favorites. Be sure to comment if there are any other strains as well that should be dive into, like durban poison or another weed strain. 

What strain is lava cake?

Cannarado Genetics were actually the first to create lava cake strains. Lava cake strain and its cannabis genetics show a mix between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie weed strains. Lava cake is an extremely heavy indica strain and is usually best for any night time smoke sessions. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a very heavy hybrid cross that pulls both sativa and indica strains but with OG Kush genetics you know this strain hits heavy! Grape Pie is a very sweet mix of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, which are also two indica-dominant strains. Cherry Pie is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, whereas Grape Stomper is one of the strongest indica strains and just gives a major body high that most people in physical pain would appreciate. 


Lava Cake Strain 3

Lava cake strain sativa or indica?

The mix between the above strains are what makes the contents of the lava cake strain so strong and it is highly recommended to smoke cake strains like this one in a safe place! Grape Pie alone will put you out, so the sweet aroma of this strain will deliver a super delicious flavor and give pure euphoria but is very heavy and should be taken with caution. The body high alone is not something to play with given the lava cake strain’s indica genetics, and while it might be a super relaxing high for the most part it might put you into major couch lock. Staying close by a comfortable spot you can knock out in, this is the perfect mairjuana strain if experiencing a combination of anxiety or depression. Indica strains are great to induce a calm feeling and encourage pure euphoria and a super relaxing high after a stressful day. 

Lava cake strain info

There is much to learn about the lava cake strain as it is unlike many other weed strains. While being a very indica dominant hybrid this is a known strain in the cannabis industry to put you to sleep. The lava cake strain is especially popular for its fruity pine and sweet flavor, making it a rare strain that might smell like it is a light type of weed but that is far from the truth. Since it is very indica heavy, lava cake is very dense and dominant in both taste and flavor profile.

Lava cake strain usually looks very dense with a lot of rich purple and green hues that are often covered in sparkling trichomes. The flavor profile of lava cake is by far a fan favorite for many since it is highly asked about if looking for something tasty. Lava cake is always a top choice when in need of a good strain that will put your mind at ease and encourage entire body relaxation. 

If you are wondering how lava cake strain grows, it can be grown indoors or outdoors and gain high yields anywhere between 12 to 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoor plants can grow as much as 18 ounces per square meter! Growing time takes at least two to three months and will not grow an unruly amount since it is an indica heavy strain and the density is heavy. Growing lava cake strain is pretty low maintenance for the most part and many beginner growers can find a lot of success with this strain while leaving room for trial and error. This indica dominant hybrid strain is an excellent option all around for beginner to experienced marijuana users. 


Lava Cake Strain 3

Lava cake strain taste

Known for its over the top delicious flavor profiles, lava cake strain can taste like a bunch of different things but all of them very sweet and decadent. Similar to treating yourself on a cheat day, lava cake strain is one of those strains where you just want to binge on bong rips and stay in bed all day when smoking. While you can be functional off this strain, why would you want to be if you do not need to be? 

Lava cake strain tastes like cake, chocolate, and all the other sweet dessert flavors you can think of. Many users relate the smell back to the smell of fresh baked goods, who would not want to feel like you are baking cookies when lighting up a joint? If only weed smoking smelled that good we would not have half the problems we currently face as stoners. 

Lava cake strain effects

So what are the effects you might expect to feel when consuming lava cake packs after a long and stressful day? Amongst the many weed varieties you’ll find, lava cake is a top shelf strain that will deliver in taste, flavor, and more. Here is a quick rundown of everything you should know about lava cake strain and how it might make you feel if you choose to get high with it. Medical marijuana patients love this strain and other strains similar to lava cake because of its uplifting effects accompanied by a very heavy body high.

Chronic pain

Lava cake strain can be used to treat chronic pain as it is very indica heavy which produces a great body high. This marijuana strain is sweet like chocolate but will put you on your butt and make your body feel weightless. Many users that give a lava cake strain review will say they get a very good night’s sleep when toking on this before bed because it relaxes the body in ways you just need to participate to understand and appreciate. Experiencing chronic pain and dealing with it everyday can be a cumbersome and daunting task to take on daily, but with strains like lava cake there is a level of comfort and relief that is attainable to those that normally would never experience a moment of relaxation otherwise. 

Stress and anxiety

Do you often experience anxious or stressful thoughts and emotions? Lava cake strain is a good choice when needing to get out of your own head and rather feel your physical body form instead. Our bodies react to stress and anxiety differently but lava cake strain gives medical marijuana patients the opportunity to release that head stress and allow the body to relax so that the brain can follow. Essentially, every type of weed strain does this since that is the emphasis of getting high. However, lava cake strain is a good strain that might give you a bit of dry mouth (indica strains tend to do that!) but will also give you many high memories to appreciate. 


If you need to gain a bit of weight and would like to seek out weed to help you with that, lava cake strain is a winner for sure! Especially being an indica strain, lava cake increases your appetite and will definitely encourage you to be a munchies master by having you feel inspired to make your own creations. Many medical marijuana patients tend to flock towards this type of indica dominant strain because not only does it taste good and smell light in flavor (almost like chocolate dessert or cake!) but it will make you want to whip up a delicious meal after smoking this great strain. Work up that big appetite and get in the kitchen, your next big break could come from the next munchies masterpiece you prepare on the fly. 

Creativity from lava cake strain 

If the couchlock does not get you first, lava cake strain can easily put you into a highly creative state that will have you feeling very productive. Although this is an indica dominant hybrid strain, there are many creatives that choose to get high with this strain so they can work on their next creative project or task. There is a certain level of cerebral energy that this strain gives and gives a light lift to the head space you are in. On top of inspiring thoughtful reflection, lava cake plants will have you feeling like you are the next Steve Jobs of your industry. Be sure you are an experienced smoker before doing lava strain and attempting to do anything afterwards, sometimes newbies are not able to gauge how high they really are until they are midway through the act of something and it hits them like a big batch of edibles. 

Lava cake strain

The mix between thin mint GSC and grape pie is an epic crossover that provides a sweet aroma and chocolatey taste. While many are used to earthy or nutty herbs, lava cake is an indica dominant hybrid strain that gives both body and head high to help provide full relaxation. It is recommended that beginners use only at night since it is a very heavy strain, while experienced users (like those that use for professional and creative reasons) can use during the day to stimulate the creative process. 

This marijuana strain is not as popular as its parent genes are but it makes for an epic crossover. The delicious and flavorful terpenes covered in beautiful and glistening trichomes make this strain a show stopper in its own right given its ancestry. When people think of weed smokers they think of stink and skunk smelling weed, but the lava cake strain giving a lightly minty fruity exhale is refreshing relief to weed smokers everywhere. No more foul smelling breath but instead can focus on the sweet aroma and dessert flavors that Cannarado Genetics created by birthing this strain from its parental counterparts. 

Whether you have a medical condition or not, lava cake is one of those strains that many like to have on hand whenever they anticipate a long or difficult day. This is the perfect way to unwind after a long and stressful day and one of the best strains is an indica dominant hybrid to put you to bed when you need it to. Marijuana allows users to seek relaxation, calm down and treat uncomfortable symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress, and so forth. Many strains that are similar in nature to this indica dominant hybrid strain will attest to its heavy sedative effects. Those that undergo chemotherapy, have chronic illnesses or ongoing injuries can try to find relief with marijuana weed strains like lava cake.

Lava cake is the life of the slumber party where the vibes are closing your eyes and getting a good night’s sleep! Make sure you are somewhere cozy when smoking on this strain, you’ll want to satisfy your munchies fairly quickly before that couchlock hits you - that’s the level of high we all strive to be in life, right?

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