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When looking for high doses of THC or CBD, cannabis concentrates are an excellent option simply due to convenience and easy user experience. Storing cannabis concentrates, however, is something often overlooked but must be considered in order to preserve its potency. Have you ever been in a scenario where you don’t use your dab pen for a while and when circling back around you realize it has lost its strength? You probably did not store it properly, but not a problem it is a quick bit to learn! Learn more about how to store concentrates and why it is important to take care of your cannabis stash.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are the product of distilling all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant through the trichomes, or the frosty tips you visually see that contribute to potency. Cannabis concentrates can be used to dab, smoke, or be infused into products like tinctures, edibles or topical products. So when it comes to knowing how to store concentrates, be mindful of the type of concentrates you are needing to store to plan accordingly. There are different types of cannabis concentrates that can be found in different forms and have various methods of consumption.

  • Isolates
  • Hash
  • Rosin
  • Kief
  • Butane hash oil

Can concentrates get moldy?

Like anything that is made with weed, cannabis concentrates can get moldy if exposed to excess moisture and heat. Humidity plays a large part in cultivating the perfect climate for moldy weed, so learning how to store concentrates properly should keep the potency and condition of the product in tact. If you have stumbled upon this read a little too late and wonder if you’re dealing with a moldy supply, check the smell and color of the suspicious concentrate. If there is a wet or dusty-like smell, discard the batch and do not consume!

How do you store concentrates?

Most concentrates usually have a shelf life of six months on average, and depending on how the concentrates are stored its shelf life can be extended by a couple of months. It is important to store all concentrates in a cool, dark place that is away from heat and sunlight. Humidity can counteract the potency of concentrates and rush its expiration date since there’s the possibility of mold buildup. The best way to maintain freshness and quality is to keep away from heat and light to speed up the aging process, especially if you are not a frequent dispensary visitor and plan to buy supply for the next few months. 

Short term concentrates storage

If you plan to go through your cannabis concentrates pretty quickly, medical grade silicone is an easy option for short term storage. Be sure to seal the silicone container with as little air as possible and concentrate should stay fresh for at least one week. Silicone does not seal from air completely which is why this is a simple short term solution and not for bulk batches that rely on preservation over time. 

To lengthen the life of short term cannabis storage for up to a month, simply wrap any non-runny concentrates in parchment paper and put into an air-tight container. A glass jar, preferably a dark glass jar is best to filter out any unwanted light.

Long term concentrates storage

While it is not recommended to store cannabis for long periods of time, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The go-to method is freezing when it comes to preserving the life of weed up to a year. If done properly, freezing cannabis concentrates can be stored for six months to one year. 

Parchment paper should be used to break up any non-runny concentrates and easily set yourself up for success by prepping portions to use in future sessions. There are specific bags that help in preserving concentrates in the freezer, or glass jars that are on-hand will do. It is important to leave a bit of air in the container used so that it can thaw properly, and special freeze bags will have directions on how to use and tips for best storage. 

Best cannabis storage

No matter what kind of cannabis concentrates you choose, knowing how to store concentrates will give you a better user experience while saving you some money and potential health issues in the long run. It might be cumbersome to prepare for long term storage, but easily grab a silicone or airtight container for a quick short term solution depending on your storage situation. It is a luxury to have regular access to cannabis concentrates through weed dispensaries, so learning how to store concentrates will go a long way so you can live a high and happy life! Cannabis storage doesn’t stop at concentrates - it is essential to make sure all of your Mary Jane goods are taken care of as well. Cover your stoner bases with these weed stash containers and know your ganja is sitting pretty and protected, just waiting on you!

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