How To Make Hash

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In the cannabis world, there are various types of marijuana to know and be aware of. Hash is a common form of cannabis and most definitely a more potent one. Learn more about what exactly hash is and how to make hash! You’ll be on a trip to the moon in no time.

What is hash oil?

The term hash actually derives from the Arabic word hashish, meaning “grass”. If you’re wondering what is hash made of, hash refers to the trichomes and resin that lines the surface of cannabis plants. There are different ways to extract hash and methods have evolved over time, but essentially hash is sifted through and broken down into what we know as kief. Hash is extremely potent, and can often reach THC levels of up to 60%!

How to make hash

There are different ways to make hash, so try to test what works best for you. One method might be preferable over the other but it really depends on how careful you are executing each process to deliver the best quality. There is a dry sifting method and an ice water method, let’s see which might work best for you!

Dry sift screen method

Essentially, this is what every stoner does when using a grinder with a kief catcher. We all know that this process takes time to accrue a good amount of kief, which is where the method of dry sift screening comes in as it produces hash on a much larger scale. Starting with frozen cannabis is helpful since trichomes will break off more easily. Handling frozen cannabis is important when using this method because this is the difference in the quality you’ll get out of this process. Investing in something similar to a pollen box is ideal for a DIY setup. You’ll want to break up your cannabis material directly onto the screen and carefully - going in swift back and forth motion will ensure a high-quality turnout. Basically, if your cannabis is frozen properly it will be of great advantage to you as it will evenly break off when sifting. 

Dry ice method

This method requires you to combine your cannabis material with 40% dry ice. Since dry ice is much cooler than regular ice, this method will simulate a frozen trichome and is a much faster way to get the job done. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cannabis
  • A bucket
  • Dry ice (three pounds of dry ice should cover around six ounces)
  • Hash bags or pollen bags
  • Insulated gloves (similar to bbq)
  • Scraping tool

If you don’t know the basics of handling dry ice, a quick Google search will get you up to speed. One thing to remember is to not touch dry ice directly with your hands, so always use your thick gloves when handling! Essentially, you’ll dump your ground up cannabis and dry ice into your bucket, put the hash or pollen bag over the opening of the bucket, then shake and stir the bucket for a few minutes. When this step is complete, flip the bucket upside down so that the cannabis and dry ice fall into your hash bag. Then shake the mesh bag onto a flat surface so you can organize your freshly sifted hash!

Depending on how much hash you’d like to make is your determining factor of which method of making hash is best. Hash is not as difficult to make yourself; it just takes a bit of organizing the right setup! Make sure you grab one of EF420’s bongs for sale so you have all your essentials when you have your finished product. Take a shot at making your own hash and let us know - which method of making hash works best for you?

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