How to Clone Cannabis Plants at Home

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While it sounds like something that should be left to the professionals, cloning a cannabis plant is actually pretty simple to do. Cloning a plant involves taking a cutting, such as a branch, from a live plant called the mother plant and growing a whole new plant from that cutting. This new plant will have the exact same genetic makeup as the mother plant. If you found a cannabis plant that produces effects you absolutely love, that’s a great reason to give cloning a try. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of cannabis cultivation or have been harvesting your own marijuana for years, don’t be afraid to clone cannabis plants at home. It’s just a few steps and some even say it is easier than growing cannabis seeds.

Why clone cannabis plants

  • Saves time - Growing cannabis from seeds takes much longer than starting off with a clone. You won’t have to wait for germination.
  • Saves space - When growing from seeds, some may be males and will have to be pulled out or some may not even survive or germinate at all.
  • Free to grow - Though you will need some supplies like root hormone and growing material, if you’re cloning a plant you already have, the cutting itself is free! No need to invest in pricy seeds that may or may not germinate.
  • Have an exact replica - As mentioned before, a clone has the same genetics as the mother plant, so if you have a plant that produces amazing bud, whether it’s the look, aroma, effects, or potency, you can keep growing it over and over again. 

Cloning for beginners FAQ

How old should a mother plant be before cloning?

The mother plant, or the plant you want to clone from, should be at least two months old and not flowering. The plant should be in the vegetative stage when cuttings are taken. If the cutting is taken from a flowering plant, it will take a long time to revert back to the vegetative stage it needs to be in to grow properly prior to flowering. Clones from mother plants that are too young will grow very slowly and may develop poorly. Luckily, taking a cutting has little to no effect on the health of the mother plant.

When can you clone autoflowering plants?

Because autoflower strains are forced into the flowering stage based on time such as a certain number of days, it is impossible to clone an autoflowering cannabis plant. These plants can not revert back to the vegetative stage in which the plants grow rapidly prior to putting all energy into creating flowers.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants at Home

It’s quick and easy to learn how to cut clones. Take a few cannabis cuttings, even if you only plan to grow one plant so you can choose from the sturdiest of clones to transplant when the time comes. To begin cloning, gather the necessary tools for cutting and don’t forget the root hormone, which will help the cutting develop roots quickly.


  • Scissors (only if the branch is hard to reach with a razor)
  • Box cutter or razor blade
  • Rooting hormone
  • Rooting medium and setup

Steps to clone cannabis plants

  1. Before taking a cutting, prepare your rooting setup. A cheap and basic setup uses a plastic growing tray with a cover or dome and a rooting medium. A rooting medium stands in for soil, while the roots are developing on your cutting. Common rooting mediums for cannabis are rockwool, coconut fiber, rooting cubes, peat, or foam. Be sure to have a cover or dome for your growing tray to retain moisture.
  2. Select a healthy mother plant that is at least two months old and still in the vegetative stage. Do not fertilize the mother plant for at least three days prior to taking a cutting.
  3. Choose a healthy branch on the upper half of the mother plant. The branch should have a minimum of two nodes, or connections to other branches. Cut the clone above the node.
  4. Using a box cutter or razor blade, cut at a 45 degree angle below the node to create more surface area for roots to develop.
  5. Dip immediately into the rooting hormone and place into your rooting medium or cube. Place the cube into your rooting tray setup.
  6. Trim the bottom leaves from your cutting and cut just the tips off of every leaf to promote photosynthesis.

Clones grow roots at different speeds, but most will be ready to transplant in around 10 to 14 days when the roots are around 1.5 to 2 inches long. Check and replenish the water in your grow tray daily and mist the plants if you want to increase the humidity. Clones grow best with high humidity and at least 15 to 18 hours of light per day.

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