How Long To Heat Up Dab Rig

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How Long To Heat Up Dab Rig
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Whether you are experienced with dabbing or a newbie to the dab world, once stoners get the hang of dabs most people prefer to dab a specific way. What this means is there are certain temperatures that you will become accustomed to when you become comfortable. First time users are probably wondering where to even start and how long to heat a dab rig but once you get this sorted and out of the way, there are tons of epic dab sessions to look forward to! Grab your best dab rig and learn all the ways of how to heat a dab rig properly to find the best dab time that is right for you. Plus there are so many dab rig accessories that can help customize your dabbing experience even further so why not treat yourself after you’ve shown all this interest? You sound pretty deserving of it so rip through this article quickly and you too can become an expert dabber and reward yourself with a brand new dab rig kit. 

How to heat up a dab rig

Let’s kick it back all the way to the basics, where there are many ways on how to heat dab rig. Did you know there are even ways to learn how to heat a dab rig without a torch? If you learn different ways to heat up dab rig you will begin to figure out which method you like best when it comes to dab time. 

How to heat a dab rig with a torch

The easiest way to heat up a dab rig is to know how to heat a dab rig with a torch. Obviously, you will need a butane torch to get the right temperature range and the exact temperature you are looking for. The perfect dab is different for everyone and a butane torch can provide that pretty quickly. Here is a step-by-step guide to recommend heating times that deliver perfect temp dabs for you. 

    1. Prepare your dab rig. Prior to heating up a dab rig, you’ll want to prep your space to start dabbing. This includes filling the dab rig with water, adding whatever amount of wax concentrate to your banger nail. Pretty much every step right up until you get to the heating up process. 
    2. Turn on the torch. To heat up the banger nail, turn on your torch and aim it underneath the glass nail, quartz banger, titanium nails or ceramic nails. Put it under the nail so that it will instantly become a heat source within a few seconds and will start to heat your nail. The glowing red on your banger nail is normal and shows that it is definitely beginning to reach a boiling point and headed towards being ready for consumption. 
    3. Turn off the torch and take a dab. You can use a thermometer or an e nail will usually have a digital display that takes out all the guesswork and allows you to get an accurate read of temperature. Turn off the torch when you are ready to dab, use a carb cap to keep your hands clean and take a big inhale! You will know if your nail is too hot if it becomes too red hot for your liking and obviously shows a glow red that is more amplified than you feel it should be. 

How to heat a dab rig without a torch

So what if you do not have a torch on hand but still need to dab? There is a simple solution to this so long as you have a stove! In order to get the desired temperature it will take some trial and error when learning how to heat a dab rig without a torch. The heating time will be a bit longer than with a torch so consider this when trying to get the perfect temperature. 

Take caution when using a stove and the way you heat up your banger nail, you will want to place it above the heat and depending on what kind of stove you have, just tend to it. The glow red is different when using a stove so paying attention for a few minutes is best. Make sure your cannabis wax concentrate is in the banger nail, place it on the stove and wait for a minute or two before using a thermometer to double check the temperature to see if it’s ready. In this case you can opt for an infrared thermometer to gauge the temperature from a distance. 

How Long To Heat Up Dab Rig

How long do you heat a dab rig

Now that you know how to actually heat up a dab rig with and without a torch, how long do you heat a dab rig and how will you know? On average, it takes at least 30 seconds for a dab nail to heat up for low temperature dabs and could take up to about a minute or more if interested in high temperature dabs. 

Without a stove, it will take longer to heat up your banger nail and will need to be monitored with a thermometer. If you need low temperature dabs you will have to check more frequently than high temperature dabs. This might prolong the first moments of your dabbing experience but nonetheless it will get the job done and you will be good to go. The more you do it, the better at it you will be so keep dabbing til your dabbing experience is as perfect as you want it to be. Be sure not to keep your banger nail burning too much or the dabs will be too heated and be wasting more material than typical high temp dabs. If you want to produce thick clouds while dabbing, be sure to get the temperature right and avoid overdoing it. You can always reheat your dab but you can’t cool down an already overheated banger nail of wax. It will just become a sticky mess but again, practice makes perfect!

Best temp for quartz nail

Depending on the material the banger nail is made of, it will affect how long it should take to heat up. As with all banger nails, you will want to start off with increments of 30 seconds and let the quartz nail cool off for about 30 to 40 seconds. If that is too much of a low temperature dab for you, try for one minute and cool off for 50 seconds. As you become better acquainted with the act of knowing how to heat up a dab rig, you will be able to gauge the best heat up time for your nail. The only way you will know how long do you heat a quartz nail is by actually heating a quartz nail, taking the dab and seeing if you like the dabbing experience. Normally, producing thick clouds is an excellent indicator of a decent dab within a quartz banger.

Quartz bangers are actually the preferred material when trying to go for low temp dabs. Quartz bangers have the ability to retain heat pretty well, whereas options like titanium nails are better for reaching the perfect temperature range with high temp dabs. Quartz bangers might take long to heat but options like dab nails do best for a low temp dab purpose anyway or for a cold start dab if that is what you prefer. A ceramic nail retains heat the longest and is best for high temp dabbing over a glass or titanium nail but all three options are good for high temp dabs. 

How to heat a titanium nail 

Using a titanium nail is one of the quickest ways to immediately start dabbing since it retains heat very well. Heating a titanium nail does not take very long. After preparing your dab rig with water and wax concentrate onto your banger nail, use the torch to heat the titanium nail until it becomes red hot then you know it is ready. 

How long to heat a titanium nail

Since this banger nail holds a high temperature especially well, it only takes roughly about 20 to 30 seconds at most to heat a titanium nail. Again, you will know once the bottom of the banger nail turns red and if you heat it up longer than this there is a chance the nail is too hot and can start burning too much THC than necessary. 

How long to heat glass nail

Similar to a titanium nail, this banger nail does not take very long either. It takes about 20 seconds tops to heat a glass nail so again be careful not to overdo it! Glass nails are best for higher temperatures but can be used for lower temperatures too as it is very versatile and readily available. A lot of e nails have glass nails that are the best combination with its attachments but with basic dab rigs you can always switch out for different nails. 

How to clean banger nail

After you are finished dabbing you might notice it can become quite a sticky mess! Using tools like carb caps help to reduce the damage but you will still need to clean up to maintain the longevity of your dab rigs. 

To clean a banger nail, you will need the same solution as you would use if you know how to clean a dab rig. A mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt, you will pour it into the nail and use a cotton swab to get the parts that you are unable to reach. Using a cotton swab also helps to minimize the mess that would otherwise get on your hands so keep a few of those and paper towels nearby. After this step you will wash off with water and make sure the smell of alcohol is not still present. If so, continue to wash. You can also add some essential oils to your cleaning mixture to create a better smell, but still make sure to fully wipe clean since you will be lighting a torch to this later on.

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Best dab rigs

Now that you understand how long to heat up a dab rig and how to use a dab rig too, which dab rig is best for you to buy? Depending on your budget, you can get a multi-functional bong that can be doubled as a dab rig, or splurge on an e nail if you want to fully immerse yourself into the dabbing world. The options are endless when it comes to the best dab rigs available but knowing what you are specifically looking for helps to minimize the frustration when browsing by the dozens. 

The best dab rig for you might be a mini dab rig that can sit on the shelf and not take up much space, or you can opt for a full blown dab rig setup that includes a kit that will help you take dabbing that much more seriously. Whether you are new or an everyday dab user, using a dab rig and knowing how long to heat up dab rig will become second nature once you get into the habit and perform the act more often. Lighting up a torch or using a stove as a heat source might seem like a big task compared to taking bong rips, but once you get into dabbing it will be hard to stop with such potent and clear headed hits. 

Getting a dab rig that can function like a bong and also be used as a dab rig is a blessing because if you think about it, it is like a two-for-one special! Just be sure to double check whether that specific bong has a banger included or not. Most times a banger will not be included but this is where you can customize the experience even further by choosing a banger nail yourself to add to your collection. While you’re at it, be sure to check out some of the best dab tools that can help you keep your hands clean!

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