How Long Does Dab Stay in Your System?

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how long does dab stay in your system
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As a cannabis enthusiast, there always comes a time in a stoner’s journey where you might be subject to a drug test. Whether the drug screen is through a urine drug test, saliva test, or blood test, all are various ways to effectively drug screen to detect THC. There are several factors when needing to know how long does a dab stay in your system, and it does vary depending on how much an individual might do dabs. Moderate users, frequent users, and heavy users can all benefit from learning the different ways to detox and rid yourself of marijuana in your system. If you already grabbed yourself one of the  best dab pens online, put it on charge and let’s dive right in. 

How long does wax stay in your system

It is only right to break out each category of a timeline when it comes to how long do dabs stay in your system, so as to not be so confusing or difficult but it is important to differentiate the different types of timelines based on consumption. The detection time should start at the last time you smoke since that will be a clear guide as to the amount of days passed before you test positive or negative with a test to detect THC. 

How long does wax pen stay in your urine

Cannabis like a wax pen, flower, or edible can be detected in human urine and can linger around for quite some time depending how much the cannabis plant is used. An irregular user that only has cannabis maybe one or two times a week can detect THC between one and three days after use. Marijuana users that tend to consume once a day will most likely test positive for marijuana use between 7 and 21 days after last use on urine tests. Someone who tends to consume marijuana several times a day would not only be considered a heavy user, but a test can detect marijuana as long as over 30 days or a month after that individual’s last use. While over a month can seem excessive, it really can take that amount of time depending on how often you smoke and how long you have been smoking for. For example, a wax pen user can rid THC faster if he or she only uses it intermittently and not as frequently or an everyday thing. If that individual increases his or her consumption, the amount of days for detox and peeing clear will increase as well the more often they use their wax pen. As your tolerance builds, your detox timeline will become longer as well so keep this in mind before going full on stoney bologna before your next job interview that you must take a urine test for. 

How long does a dab stay in your system for saliva drug test

There are some drug tests that are more forgiving and do not detect how much THC is actually in your body, like saliva drug tests. Saliva drug tests usually provide a general screening of major substance abuse, but it is possible to beat saliva drug tests a lot easier than urine or hair drug tests. Smoking marijuana three days prior to taking a saliva drug test still gives room for a chance to pass a drug test but it is highly suggested and recommended that you naturally detox and follow a mixture of several different methods to detox your body of THC. 

How long does dab pen stay in your system for hair drug test

One of the most accurate test methods for when someone needs to test someone that could be a heavy marijuana user, a hair drug test is no joke and should be taken seriously for avid weed smokers. While it is almost impossible for a recreational marijuana user to test positive on a hair drug test, this type of test is mostly used only on frequent drug users that are known to be battling with drug abuse and other substance abuse. While there are detox kits and even detox shampoos to prepare in the days leading up to a hair test, infrequents users need not to worry about testing positive of THC on a hair test and only consistent, everyday smokers should test positive for THC. 

How long does dab pen smoke stay in your system for blood test

For blood tests, there is not much you can do when experiencing a blood test to detect THC. THC can metabolize in your system and be detected just 36 hours after your last use, so if you are subject to a blood test it is a good idea to stay away from cannabis for at least a week to be safe. If you are a frequent or heavy user you will most likely test positive if you have not been able to detox for more than a month. Also, if you have been smoking for a long time (several years) it will probably take you close to six months to a year to completely rid your body of marijuana. In a blood test, THC cells are the most detectable as compared to hair THC tests or saliva tests. Both chronic users and light users could test positive for more THC as compared to other methods of drug tests. 

how long does dab stay in your system

How long does dab stay in your system?

There are many factors that affect drug tests and the answers vary on this question and for cannabis in general because it truly depends on the amount of consumption, how many times a day or week dabs are being consumed etc. On average, it takes around four weeks to detox yourself of cannabis in your system but it also very much depends on frequency of use and other factors like:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Body mass index 
  • User’s metabolism
  • Drinking water
  • Exercising
  • Frequency of use

  • Body fat percentage

    The more fat cells you have the longer it will take you to rid yourself of THC metabolites that will have you test positive. The more fat a person has in their body, the easier it is for THC metabolites to attach themselves to fat cells and body tissues surrounding fat. Women naturally have more body fat than men and this goes to prove that body fat and other body measurables that we go along with today are not as accurate nor depict a woman and her true health. It is important to remember that body fat is just not reality but it is what it is!

    Body mass index

    Absolutely coinciding with body fat percentage, a person’s body mass index can help or hinder the detox process of marijuana in your system. The detox can be faster if the person has a smaller body mass index, or it can take more time if the person has a larger BMI. This is also why men are able to rid themselves of fat cells and other toxins a lot quicker than females, due to a female’s body mass index normally being higher than a man on average. Women have more hips and fatty weight to carry as compared to men (like chest and buttocks area) so it is important to be aware that if you are starting a detox journey at the same time as a friend or partner, their detoxification might look different than yours when comparing BMI so it is essential to understand the differences and make an informed decision yourself in making a realist timeline for your detox goals. 

    User’s metabolism

    An individual’s metabolism has a lot to do with how quickly their body will get rid of THC cells in their body as THC binds to fat. THC levels tend to show up higher in those individuals that have a slower metabolism and cannot clear completely when THC enters its body. When wanting to know how long does a  dab pen stay in your system, the metabolism can help speed up the process or it can slow it down if you do not have the metabolism gods on your side. If you have a fast metabolism, you are in luck because the THC cells will most likely leave your body quite quickly versus someone who has a slower metabolism and needs more time to break down THC  before a test can detect marijuana. 

    Drinking water

    If you drink enough water your body will become fully hydrated and will be working at optimum performance. If you ever experience dehydration, when detoxing from cannabis or wanting to rid it out of your system, drinking water is the way to go. Not only does THC help to detach from fat cells when consuming water, your metabolism should increase and help with breaking down fatty tissues rather than THC molecules latching onto fatty tissues instead. Drinking enough water is a rule of thumb just in general, but when drinking water to detox your mind and body of cannabis is a whole new level of awareness and so drinking water in this state of mind feels a lot more rewarding rather than doing it just to do it and knowing it is essential to your health. Healthy choices do not need to be executed in a borhing way!


    One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism, sweat out any toxins and just get those positive endorphins flowing - exercising is a fantastic way to detox from marijuana. The more you sweat, the more your body fat and BMI will affect how long dabs stay in your system. Moving your body and working out almost everyday can not only boost your mood and everyday life but will boost your metabolism and ability to detox yourself as fast as possible. 

    Frequency of use

    This is probably one of the most important aspects of how long any kind of cannabis stays in your system, because the more you use something the more it will show up in your system. More marijuana means it will definitely stay in your body longer than one that is a light user of smoking flower or hash oil that it rids out of their system faster. Whether using a water pipe, hash oil or smoking flower herbal teas for more vitamin C - all of this adds up to THC in the body and the clinic chemistry it creates once it metabolizes. 

    how long does dab stay in your system

    What to expect when detoxing marijuana

    While it is not the most pleasant experience when trying to rid your body of marijuana toxins, it can be a very rewarding time if you can get past the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that might show up in your system faster once you stop smoking and feeding your body cannabis. There are many side factors that can affect the detoxification process but again, try to stick it through if choosing to detox of marijuana because it does have a rewarding outcome and worst case scenario is you lower your tolerance once you do start smoking again which will reset yourself and probably feel like the first time getting high. 

    Mood swings

    When detoxing of marijuana whether it be wax, flower, edibles, or all of them - withdrawal symptoms will occur and it will not feel good at first but keep pushing through! To avoid having a change in mood or just feeling like your energy is off, physical activity or just getting outside can do wonders for your mentality and can help you to gather yourself while getting through the treacherous few days of detoxing your entire being. 


    Does your head instantly hurt when you are withdrawing and that is actually the reason for you getting high again? When withdrawing from cannabis, headaches can be very painful as many use marijuana as an aid for physical sores and ailments. A headache is one of the most classic withdrawal symptoms, and heavy users can even experience migraines if the THC withdrawals get too bad. Once you remove THC from your diet and daily life, the detoxification can begin and ocne you are over that hump the headaches should clear and things will look brighter. Keep remembering to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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