Dr Dabber Switch Review

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dr dabber review
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With so many new products on the market it can become difficult to stay up to date with the latest, which is where review guides come in handy. The Dr Dabber Switch is one of those products that needs to be recognized and there’s nothing better than a good and honest review before buying and trying. Here is everything you need to know with the Dr Dabber Switch review and whether you should skip on over and add to cart.

Dr Dabber Switch Review

The Dr Dabber Switch is a portable, patent-pending induction heating vaporizer that accommodates both oils and flower, making this an excellent device for the versatile stoners who would rather not choose. Get the best of both worlds with a revolutionary device like this and literally switch back and forth between taking dabs or convert to an electric flower vaporizer. 

How does Dr Dabber Switch work?

With a simple press of a button, the Dr Dabber Switch will heat up your dabs anywhere between four and ten seconds depending on the temperature selected. The Dr Dabber Switch includes two ceramic coated titanium induction heater cups that contribute to how quickly the device is able to prepare dabs. The white induction heater cup is meant for oil mode and with concentrates, while the black induction heater cup is meant for leaf mode with weed flower. What makes this portable vape stand out from the rest are the add-on induction cup inserts like the Dr Dabber Switch Ceramic Filter that packs in the quality of flavor for extra tasty hits. 

Dr Dabber Switch Induction cup technology 

The patent-pending induction heating technology in the Dr Dabber Switch is definitely something to dive deeper into, and provides so many benefits to the quality of your hits. Induction heating helps with decreasing heat up time, maximizing battery life and durability and gives an overall better portable vaping experience with enhanced safety and efficiency. The way the Dr Dabber Switch is built, the induction heating setup is sealed off completely from the heating element to avoid any leaking or other mechanical mishaps. 

Dr Dabber Switch heat settings

There are 25 calibrated heat settings on the Dr Dabber Switch and each is meant for a fully customized and luxurious vaping experience. Whether it is wanting to increase flavor or density of vapor, the Dr Dabber Switch was meant to create a unique experience for every kind of stoner. The versatility and ease of this portable vape is what makes it so easy to switch between what kind of dabs you’re feeling like at any given moment. 

How to prepare Dr Dabber Switch dabs

Most dabbers have a preference of whether they like to “cold start” or “hot start” their hits, and you can do both on the Dr Dabber Switch. Many prefer to cold start dabbing to increase the rich terpene flavor profiles making it more efficient and also preserves the hardware. Hot start or the way many people have learned to dab is to heat up the e-nail and then dropping your concentrates and taking a hit. 

How long does a Dr Dabber Switch take to charge?

The Dr Dabber Switch takes about one hour to fully charge right out of the box, but typical users find that it only takes as long as 30 minutes to get to a full charge. While the Switch claims up to 150 dabs on a single charge, in reality this might only be achieved with using the device on a specific heat setting and other factors that change the amount of dabs. Realistically, you can probably get about 50-100 dabs while testing out various heat settings before needing to juice up again, which by far beats out many other portable vapes and the average user can get as much as a week’s worth of dabs out of a single charge. Adding in the additional cups for extra flavor, each hit will be high quality which we all know matters way more than quantity.

Is the Dr Dabber Switch worth it?

Being one of the most high tech portable vapes on the current, the Dr Dabber Switch is most definitely worth it for dabbers and stoners everywhere that want to make that quick switch between flower and oil or just customizing a personal portable vape experience that you’ve never been able to have before. The Dr Dabber Switch is an extremely versatile portable vape that can be used in many ways, making its diversity worth the pretty penny it costs so you can make the most out of it! You won’t regret investing in your smoking accessories when it delivers high quality hits the way the Dr Dabber Switch does. If you’re looking for some cool dab tools to complete the full setup you’ll find everything you need to be well on your way to happily dabbing!

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