Cool Zippo Lighter Tricks

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cool lighter tricks
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One thing everyone has figured out during this quarantine era is the need for entertainment. Some of us can sing, dance, tell a few jokes here and there. But for those that have not found their hidden talent, there is hope for you! Learning zippo lighter tricks is a fun way to pass the time because you can perform so many cool tricks to spice up your smoke sesh. Here’s a list of the best zippo lighter tricks that every stoner needs to learn.

Are zippos good lighters?

Zippo lighters were first invented almost a century ago and were made to last forever - seriously! That’s the highlight of zippos, and even more so are durable, windproof, and refillable. We all know good and well that cheap lighters are wonderful but a true stoner can run through them pretty quickly. A trustworthy lighter like zippos is not just a cool gadget but also a very cost-efficient option.

Cool zippo lighter tricks

Top Pop zippo lighter trick 

A simple and straightforward trick, this is the perfect introduction to performing zippo lighter tricks. Over time, this will wear out the hinge on your zippos but only when done over a prolonged period of time. Place your thumb directly on the bottom of your lighter, and place your pointer and middle finger at the top of the lighter. Squeezing together the grip of your thumb and grip of your top fingers, move your top fingers down towards the bottom of the lighter almost in a snapping motion. This will pop the top of your lighter and could be the perfect cheesy way to impress your next Tinder date.

Hot Spin zippo lighter trick

To follow up on an opening trick, you need to be a closer too. The Hot Spin can look intimidating at first, but once you get it down it is a simple and swift movement. It is recommended that you learn this trick without a flame and when it’s time for fire practice, do it outside to avoid burning your mom’s carpet. 

When your zippo lighter is open and lit, you’ll have it positioned with the flame side closest to you and the cap facing away from you. Slide your thumb along one side of the lighter and your remaining fingers are on the other side. The lighter will sit comfortably in your grip since it should be slid towards the web of your hand that connects your thumb and pointer finger. With your thumb and index finger, pinch the closest corner of the top part of the zippo lighter and this will be your new grip that you’ll use to spin the zippo lighter around. Eventually, you’ll swing the lighter with the flame into a clockwise direction and once it hits the top of your hand, swing it shut so the flame disappears dramatically. 

Fire hand zippo lighter magic trick

One of the easiest tricks to do with a zippo lighter is pulling the flame with your fingers, “eating the flame” then spitting it back out and the zippo lighter produces a flame again. The trick is to bend the wick so that when you grab the flame, there is a small ignited flame from the wick. Put the pinched flame into your mouth like you are eating an imaginary cookie and then exhale into the zippo lighter like you are blowing out birthday candles. Shake the zippo a bit as you exhale and it will reignite the flame to look like you spit out fire. Your friends will be hella impressed by your magic tricks they’ll definitely want to see more!

Ten on pump 4 zippo lighter trick

A simple but very cool trick once it’s mastered, the ten on pump 4 zippo lighter trick is a simple way to flex without actually looking like you’re trying to impress others, you know? Holding the zippo lighter upside down, the cap side will be resting on your curled up middle finger for support. If you have trouble with gripping your zippo, you can curl your middle finger onto the corner of the cap to really ensure a sturdy base. At this point your four fingers are on one side of the zippo butane lighter and you’ll place your thumb on the other side, where the cap and body meet. With your palm facing up and your zippo lighter in position, push you thumb up so that it opens the lighter. The cap side will now be closest to your fingers while the fluid part of your lighter is flipping open. While flipping open, continue your swift thumb movement and strike down to ignite the flame at the same time. It might take some practice but is worth it!

There are way too many cool zippo lighter tricks to mention so start with these and work your way up. If you have been needing motivation and want us to provide you with a to-do list: grab a few cool glass bongs and zippo lighters, buy some dank weed and learn these cool zippo lighter tricks. What’s your favorite zippo lighter trick and why?

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