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CBD Oil tincture
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CBD, or cannabidiol, is now used by many for a variety of reasons and benefits to one’s health and overall wellbeing. Available in different forms like CBD gummies, topicals, flower and more, CBD oil is a popular choice when it comes to using CBD. But what are CBD oil effects and what should you expect? Learn more about the effects of CBD oil and why it could be the best method of CBD consumption for you.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plants and further diluting with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. This is similar to THC oil that many would smoke in a vape, but you won’t get high from consuming CBD oil in the way you would THC since there is no psychoactive compound in CBD for those “high” feelings you get versus smoking weed. CBD oil has been gaining momentum in popularity because of its lack of psychoactive effects yet still yielding some high health benefits.

CBD oil effects

In short, depending on the type of CBD oil you choose you will experience different effects. There are two different types of CBD that can be produced into oil, which is from hemp and marijuana plants. As stated before, although there are no psychoactive effects from CBD, there are still some traces of THC if derived from a marijuana plant. True CBD users do prefer to have CBD oil derived from hemp plants, since no THC compound grows from hemp plants.

Although THC is something some might want to or have to avoid, CBD and THC actually work very well together and have a synergetic relationship. CBD actually does an incredible job of balancing out THC in users, especially if they’ve had too much. CBD oil is great to have on hand at all times just in case!


Most CBD users are fans of it because of how relaxing CBD oil effects are when properly used. Specifically when looking at CBD oil effects, users feel an immediate relief upon using CBD oil for its fast acting effects whether through vaping or through a CBD tincture oil. CBD promotes relaxation in the ECS, or endocannabinoid system. CBD oil users often take CBD a little while before going to sleep, to allow the body to naturally wind down and get ready for bedtime. 


Similar to promoting relaxing feelings throughout the body, anxiety is another big reason to use CBD oil. CBD oil affects those with anxiety in a positive way, in promoting relaxation throughout the body but also calming the mind. Anxious thoughts and feelings come and go but once CBD oil takes effect it feels most natural since there is no psychoactive effect the way you’d experience THC effects! A tip for those with anxiety is to attempt microdosing and figuring out proper usage throughout the day to counteract when your anxiety is at its highest. Many find it extremely beneficial to their daily routine and often find themselves to be more productive with a little help from CBD!

CBD oil side effects

With anything we choose to consume it is important to be transparent about the side effects that could possibly take place. While most CBD users do not experience negative side effects of using CBD oil, you should be aware of the possible CBD oil effects that could possibly occur and how to respond if you do experience the following:

  • Nausea - some might experience feelings of nausea or uneasiness from CBD oil effects but this is not common, as CBD can often treat symptoms of nausea or sickness from consuming too much THC. If you do experience nausea it is best to stop consuming CBD for a few days and identify what could possibly have triggered the nausea in combination with the CBD oil taken.
  • Irritability - a few users can experience irritability, but mostly when not using CBD since CBD normally causes calm and happy feelings instead of the opposite. If experiencing irritable feelings when using CBD, maybe consider using another CBD oil or form of CBD to see if a specific method of consumption might work better for you instead.
  • CBD oil is an excellent choice

    It is important to know the quality of CBD you are consuming so please make sure to buy CBD online from who you trust and are transparent about each product. Looking to make your own CBD oil? Learn how to make your own CBD oil and have the freedom to get creative! CBD oil effects are overall a positive effect on one’s day to day routine, often helping to promote sleep, relaxation and easing anxiety. CBD has many benefits and even if CBD oil is not your go to, test out some gummies or flower to still get in on the fun!

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