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The funniest google queries from bomgs users
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Anyone amongst the cannabis community knows firsthand what it is like to get as high as the clouds and start a random google search. When you hit this level of stonerism just know you are about to unlock another world full of hilarity and it is best to grab your favorite munchies and whatever bonng of choice because you will be occupied for hours if you do it right. The funniest google queries from bomgs users is about to put you on to some timeless stoner memes and random information all stoners should know. Be sure to grab your favorite best bongs so you can do this as a nice pastime activity whenever you want. 

Best google searches from bomgs users

It is almost guaranteed that you have your own little list of random google searches and queries while you are completely stoned out of your mind, but in case you missed these gems we will cover the most basic stoner searches of all. Of course there will be times where you will need to randomly search if cockroaches have hearing, did the egg or the chicken come first, etc. but the following is sure to make any stoner on the brink of peeing their pants from laughter. And if you aren’t rolling on the floor like you just took an edible that might have gone bad, you probably are not high enough! Luckily, some ganja and kong glass bongs will do the trick. Beyond the funny memes, there are some google searches that are just necessary for every stoner to look up at least once in their life. 

Who is the most famous stoner?

While the answer is debatable, the better question is what successful and famous people are stoners because that is who we all want to hang out with! Lazy stoners will blurt out Seth Rogan or the nearest stoner celebrity they can remember off the top of their head, but if you do a google search for it you will quickly realize there are many successful stoners that much to our surprise have accomplished a lot despite their accomplishments and accolades. Big hitters like Barack Obama, the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, even a founding father like George Washington and trusted Abraham Lincoln liked to light up a pipe as bong s were not as accessible back then in this geographic area. 

Going back to the history of marijuana and nbongs, needless to say there were a bunch of haters when it comes to cannabis from day one but mostly from those that did not partake in stoner activities. Other famous stoners that were probably avid b ong users are big players like Brad Pitt, Madonna, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the words of Arnold, weed is “not a drug, it’s a leaf.” And we can all agree on that!

How do you identify a stoner?

Whether this is asked out of paranoia or simply trying to find another stoner to connect with, it is a very funny google query from a bongd user nonetheless. So how do you identify a stoner? Here is a quick rundown of what to look for when trying to identify a stoner:

  • Always has a lighter on hand. Especially if there is resin on the end of the lighter, it is a dead giveaway that the owner is in fact an active stoner and it is safe to approach. While the individual could be a cigarette smoker, chances are they light up green too and will be receptive to you approaching them about a smoke sesh. 
  • Has eye drops on hand. Most people do not have red eye drops in their bag, car, bathroom, etc. so this is also a sign of a stoner! While a smart stoner will already have applied eye drops prior to smoking, just notice when they pull them out as stoners use specific eye drops versus eye contact users that use another type of eye drop formula. 
  • The stoner jacket. The stoner jacket is an absolute telling sign when it comes to identifying a stoner and you can spot one from a mile away with this print. 

How can I enjoy my high with bomgs

Like any of us needs to know how to enjoy a high, if you are ever bored and trying to mix it up you can always turn to the internet for some spicy ideas. No matter where you are in the world, there is always something to do while high - even if it is nothing at all! Whenever you are using biongs you are in for a smacking good time but here are a few clues as to how to pass the time if you happen to be drawing a blank.

Cook a munchie meal

Instead of ripping from a bongd and microwaving a Hot Pocket, put your chef hat on and get in the kitchen! Taking bong rips and then cooking an epic munchie meal is probably the top three best things to do while high, especially if you are exploring different culinary options. There is no better environment to be in than a stoner’s kitchen where you can smoke a joint and cook at the same time. The vibes are immaculate! Try cooking your favorite spaghetti recipe for something savory that is easy and filling, or test your baking skills with some homemade cookies for something sweet! The options are endless when it comes to cooking and some epic munchie meals have been invented while the chef was a bit toasted himself. What we have learned from cooking while stoned is to always make sure you turn off the oven, that is the most important. A good meal that comes from that is just the cherry on top.

Funny questions to think about while high from bomgs

There are funny google searches for bomgs users and then there are hilarious questions that are asked by bomgs users that just take things to an entirely new level. Most people have random thoughts in the shower and this list of questions are pretty similar to that, so buckle up and get ready for a pondering ride through the mind of a stoner after hitting a nice bonga rip. 

  • If tomatoes are fruit, doesn’t that make ketchup a smoothie?
  • Is sand called sand because it is found between the sea and the land? 
  • Did the cannabis seed come first, or was it the plant? 
  • Is it the S or C that is silent in the word scent?

These few questions will have you wondering why you never thought of it before, and will definitely be a conversation starter amongst your stoner group the next time you have a smoke session together. 

What do you talk about stoned from bomgs

There are endless topics to strike a conversation while high from bbongs, and depending on the person or people you are around while taking bonng rips you can truly get deep into major aspects of life down to even the smallest of things. Here are a few suggestions about what you should talk about with a new stoner friend after you hit some kong glass bongs and start to get into a very high head space. Bkngs are definitely one of the more potent methods to consuming marijuana but can elevate conversations in all the best ways if you have a good weed tolerance built up. 

Conspiracy theories

The funniest google queries from bomgs users can instantly turn controversial depending on what side of the internet you fall on. Conspiracy theories are an excellent way to start a conversation with a new friend, old friend, or even a stranger you happen to come across when smoking from your b ongs in a park - we have all been there where we make a random friend while smoking from bongss in public. Conspiracy theories are one of those things where it could take any twist or turn at a given moment and that is truly the best part. You might come across one of your friends that surprises you in their ideologies and you will only discover this once you take a few rips from bonngs and let your mind wander. Conspiracy theories apply to pretty much anything, so depending on whatever topic you are interested in feel free to make any google search about it and see where it the interweb takes you. 

Dreaming from being high from bomgs

Bonggs have a funny way of hitting you and it can either be instant or take a bit to kick in. The reason bonfgs users love using bo gs so much is because of how much it can unlock parts of your mind you normally do not have access to while sober. Bkngs have a way of getting you high every single time with each b ong rip making you feel like you are a newbie clearing the green for the first time. Bonga are great for taking morning, mid day or night for a nice pick up in energy with a sativa strain or to make yourself fall into a deep sleep with a heavier indica strain of cannabis. 

Some say that it can be impossible to dream if you are a full time stoner but there are levels to dreaming and there is a possibility of you being able to remember your dreams even if you are high from ripping bongd. Keeping a dream journal can be very helpful when it comes to capturing your dream cycles, and that can turn into extremely deep conversations with the right person. Speaking about deeper topics requires two or more individuals with a certain level of understanding and being receptive to new information that might not be their norm. Usually, conversations amongst stoners are virtually well received, very heartfelt and all around good vibes so you can count on some pretty good energy being exchanged when sharing your latest crazy dream cycle. 

Funny memes for stoners 

Probably one of the best pastimes for stoners is enjoying a good social media session full of memes and hilarious gifs to keep the giggles flowing. After taking a few bonngs rips there is a whole world of funny memes for stoners to check out and laugh along to! The most relatable, hilarious memes are typically filled with humor we as humans can relate to on the daily and all cannabis users especially love this feeling. Life should be fun and marijuana definitely spices up one’s life to feel like a party! Here are a few funny stoner memes that every gbongs user can relate to. 

The funniest part about this meme is that stoners are actually pretty productive if you allow them to have a feel good smoke sesh beforehand! If you want a happy camper of a stoner to spend the day with, make sure they take a few wake and bake bo gs rips before expecting them to get anything done. 

The funniest part about this meme is that stoners are actually pretty productive if you allow them to have a feel good smoke sesh beforehand! If you want a happy camper of a stoner to spend the day with, make sure they take a few wake and bake bo gs rips before expecting them to get anything done.

Needless to say, this meme is a major LOL because those D.A.R.E. programs were dead serious on strangers offering us drugs while in this day and age that just sounds like the next door neighbor who sells weed but is actually quite nice and minds his business. And just like kermit the frog, we too are wondering when a sugar weed daddy will come our way.

The funniest google queries from bomgs users 3

Funny google queries

Funny google searches from nbongs users and stoners alike will have you down spiraling all the parts of the internet you did not think you would come across. I mean, ten minutes into a search and you could be knee deep on a webpage reading word for word about stoner behavior and pondering what you are doing with your life. Whether you find funny google queries for bpngs users and end up chatting with a fellow stoner, or coming across a page full of memes and gifs that will keep you occupied for a week (who remembers Texts From Last Night?) you are sure to have a great time scouring the internet for the latest and greatest content for stoners to consume. Grab your bonh and get to ripping because you have some google searching to do!

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