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Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensaries

June 18, 2020 3 min read

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With an expansion in legalizing marijuana across several states over the past few years, the cannabis community is booming and here to stay. There are many hardships in taking the legal route to own a dispensary, and it is a known fact that black entrepreneurs have more difficulty than their white counterparts. For all of your marijuana needs, here is a list of some black-owned dispensaries that you should support if you are nearby or able to purchase online!

Blunts and Moore

Blunts and Moore

Founded by Alphonso Blunt and Brittany Moore, Blunts and Moore has an extraordinary story. Both Blunt and Moore have extensive backgrounds in cannabis on opposite ends of the spectrum. Long story short, Blunt had always been involved in consuming and selling marijuana at a young age. When he ran an errand with his grandmother one day, she had him go to a medical cannabis dispensary, and since then he was determined to go the legal route and have a store himself. In 2003, he tried to open his own store but was told blacks could never open a dispensary and just a year later was arrested for marijuana possession. Because of this, eventually, his run-in with the law qualified him for Oakland’s Equity program and he became the first person to ever own a dispensary under the program through his persistence and resilience. Moore started her journey working in dispensaries and actually helped forge the path to make Oakland’s Equity program a reality. She is now an owner and operator of Blunts and Moore. 

Green Muse

Green Muse

Nicole Kennedy co-owns Green Muse, formerly Green Hop located in Portland, Oregon. Since opening Green Muse, Kennedy created the first hip hop cannabis dispensary as a tribute to celebrate black culture and its major contribution to the cannabis community. Kennedy was also aware that Green Muse was the only black-owned dispensary in Portland which set her on a mission to diversify the cannabis industry as a whole. With a grant from the city of Portland to create Green Hop Academy, Kennedy now has the opportunity to help other African Americans break into the cannabis industry as she did. 


Oakland-based delivery service Euphorium is an incredible company that was founded by Charlita Brown. With a former career in the pharmaceutical industry, Brown successfully jumped through various hoops to become licensed for weed delivery in Oakland. Brown also pairs her previous experience by helping customers curate a specific blend that can be used as a medical alternative and develop a better understanding of cannabis. 

Mankind Cannabis

Mankind Cannabis

The most award-winning marijuana dispensary in San Diego, Mankind Cannabis was founded by Ebon Johnson and is raved about by cannabis enthusiasts. You can see for yourself by visiting their website the unique and personalized experienced Mankind offers. With the ability to chat online and go into the store to peruse at your leisure, Mankind is a popular stop for those that want an education and a one-of-a-kind experience. 

District Growers

district growers logo

Corey Barnette was the first black businessman to obtain a growers license for legal cannabis and created District Growers. His company is highly regarded in the cannabis industry and known for creating the best and highest quality strains. District Growers has innovated the cannabis growing experience to be their own and even offer garden training for those junior ganjapreneurs! Check out the team on their website and look into the program if you’re interested and located near the DC area. 



Whitney Beatty was a late bloomer to the cannabis community but she has really shown up and made an impact. Diagnosed with anxiety in her late college years, she decided to go against the negative stigma she had experienced growing up and tried Mary Jane. To her delight, it definitely helped her manage stress and brought her to create Apothecary. Beatty hilariously said, “If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor, and my wine is in the wine fridge, why the heck is my herb in a shoebox in the closet?!” Since reaching this insighther brand has become a powerhouse in making luxury marijuana stash boxes and travel cases that are sleek and protected via lock and key. 

Black-owned marijuana dispensaries are not as prevalent, especially in states that make regulations more difficult along with a continuous increase of capital to invest. The above dispensaries have defied the odds and strengthened the cannabis community by helping their own community. Every time you buy from one of these cannabis dispensaries, you're supporting the black community and helping people achieve their dreams to own a thriving dispensary.

What other black-owned dispensaries and cannabis businesses have you come across in your area? Share below!

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