Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

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The holidays are in full swing and Thanksgiving is the beginning of the season to spend time with loved ones. Besides cheffing it up in the kitchen and getting a proper high to truly enjoy some munchies, what about the entertainment portion of the holiday? When your bellies are full after hitting a few bong rips, the only thing you should be doing is turning on the TV and relaxing. One benefit to this activity is being able to do it with friends and family near and far, so here are the best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix to celebrate with whomever you love the most. Don’t forget to take occasional weed breaks and eat more food to make it even more enjoyable!



Nothing like a dysfunctional Thanksgiving, whether it is with friends or family it is all the same drama but we love them no less. Friendsgiving is an excellent movie that depicts the chaotic feeling of the holidays where everyone’s lives clash at once and all in one holiday weekend. Molly (Malin Akerman) and Abby (Kat Dennings) are two best friends who decide to spend Thanksgiving together and alone with Molly’s infant after both have had a rough year. In true movie fashion, their Thanksgiving turns into an unplanned reunion party with many unexpected guests. Friendsgiving is a comedy film that shows the many twists and turns that the holidays deliver. 

Free Birds

free birds

If Free Birds doesn’t make you rethink becoming a vegetarian, there’s nothing that will. Reggie (Owen Wilson) is a lucky turkey that gets pardoned and lives his best life until Jake (Woody Harrelson) convinces him to join a mission to go back in time and change the course of Thanksgiving to avoid their fate of being the main dish on the menu. The two turkeys are total opposites yet must stick together as they go back to the first year of Thanksgiving and run into the very colonist that is hunting them down for his hungry Pilgrims. Packed with celebrities this is a fun animation that is family-friendly but still cool enough for you to take a bong rip and watch on your own.

She’s Gotta Have It

she's gotta have it

The original She’s Gotta Have It movie was the very feature that launched Spike Lee’s career, so the series on Netflix is a true treat for those that want more of his work. The Thanksgiving finale is a striking one but we suggest watching each episode to get the true meaning of Mr. Lee’s message. Brooklyn artist Nola juggles three different men and unapologetically explores and seeks sexual adventures with multiple partners. This is a great take on female empowerment and showing the equality a woman should have when wanting a lifestyle with different men at the same time. The movie and show are not too family friendly but this is a nice watch with the girls after exchanging your own Thanksgiving tea!



If you are alone for the holidays, the movie Holidate might cheer you up or even inspire you to get a holidate of your own. Sloane (Emma Roberts) is living in Chicago and seeks Jackson (Luke Bracey), an Australian golfer to be her fake plus one to all of her family holiday gatherings. Sloane is tired of her family judging that she is single and refuses to go another holiday without a holidate. But things always get a bit messy when feelings start to be had, which makes things extra juicy from beginning to end. This movie is a funny way of finding love in a truly hopeless place. 

Always Be My Maybe

always be my maybe

There’s something about a good comedy film post Thanksgiving meal that will really get you geared up for Christmas that is right around the corner. Always Be My Maybe is a cute movie starring Ali Wong (Sasha Tran) and Randall Park (Marcus Kim) in San Francisco where they grew up together. Childhood best friends turned lovers in high school, they parted ways and haven’t spoken until years later when Sasha, now a celebrity chef, moves back to open a new restaurant. Anything with Ali Wong is bound to be hilarious and you will be cracking up from start to finish. Her assistant Veronica (Michelle Buteau) is also a star in this and the two characters combined will have you rolling on the floor.

Best Thanksgiving movies

The only formula you need for the best Thanksgiving is food, weed, and a Netflix account. The best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix are often the funny romantic comedies but feel free to get creative and start building out your holiday movie list. There’s nothing like making a big plate on Thanksgiving, gathering around the TV after smoking a nice joint and watching a good movie that will have the whole room smiling. Make sure to hit the $4.20 store for some stocking stuffers and get your holiday shopping done early!

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