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Best Pipes For Camping

October 03, 2020 4 min read

woman smoking steamroller

Do you ever find yourself craving fresh air, the melodic sounds of nature and just signing off to enjoy what Mother Earth has created? Getting away from the day-to-day grind is essential now more than ever and when Mary Jane tags along you know you are set up to have a good time. Besides your camping gear and the oh so necessary munchie meals, here is a list of the best pipes for camping that you’ll be happy to grab ahead of time before heading for the outdoors!

Glass Blunt

glass blunt

If you prefer a smoke sesh with a twist, you have met your match with the Glass Blunt and definitely need to pack this in your camping bag. Say goodbye to rolling blunts in your tent and fighting the wind that always picks up right when it’s time to bust out the smoking supplies. The Glass Blunt is a fantastic device that is a total upgrade from a one-hitter but still holds the compact and discreet factor stoners on the go often look for. Reduce your carbon footprint with this cheap weed pipe since you’ll be less wasteful cutting out rolling papers and other unnecessary packaging, not to mention saving a few coins too. Made of high-quality metal and glass, this is a fan favorite because of how similar it hits to a blunt - you’re about to get twisted!

Leaf Buddi Geek Pipe

Leaf Buddi Geek Pipe

Step your weed game up a notch with the Leaf Buddi Geek Pipe, a dual-smoking experience that you probably didn’t think was possible. Just under six inches, this device can be used as both a bong attachment or as a smoking pipe. To use for bong rips just connect the metal mouthpiece with the silicone cover included to cover your bong and smoke like a hookah-style setup. For camping purposes you can use it both ways and stoners love options! This cheap pipe is highly portable and extremely discreet, all we ask is you use the cleaning kit provided to extend its longevity.

Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller

rise up steamroller

Are you a one-hitter type of stoner where you just want to take a few tokes and be on your way? The Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller is a great option if you have the budget and want a higher quality option. A six-inch glass pipe that is beautifully hand-blown with a thumb-press style bowl also supports the RISE UP efforts on cannabis prohibition and making efforts to Bob Marley’s vision of positive social change. This one-hitter pipe is a nice reminder of all of the injustices surrounding cannabis prohibition and to continue the good fight of spreading positivity and awareness.

Daisy Ceramic Pipe

Daisy Ceramic Pipe

Switch it up with the Daisy Ceramic Pipe for a cute and discreet smoking experience. Only three inches tall, this ceramic weed pipe is a beauty that will fit pretty much anywhere you need it to! The best part about this pipe is its irregular flat design as compared to a circular bowl design like most weed pipes. It might trip you up a bit with how easy it can spill over as compared to a bowl shape but this is the perfect one-hitter when you absolutely need to toke real quick and get a move on. This cheap pipe is so small you can carry it with you everywhere - we suggest you get a small odor-proof weed bagor make sure you clean this smoking pipe before placing it in your bag or car to avoid smelling like a weed stash on wheels. 

Banded Pipe

Banded Pipe

The music-playing weed smokers will love the Banded Pipe, another three-inch weed pipe and in the shape of a guitar! Another excellent one-hitter pipe, feel free to take this with you on camping trips to smoke around the campfire mid jam sesh. This cheap pipe was made of handblown borosilicate glass and is the perfect companion to keep in your collection for those quick hits before doubling down on the fun. 

Pink Stash Pipe

Pink Stash Pipe

We all love versatility and getting more bang for our buck with multi-functional use products. The Pink Stash Pipe is one you need for many reasons and can help you stay organized while exploring the outdoors! A 3.5-inch stash compartment will keep your bud nicely tucked away and secured. When you’re ready to light up, just put your grinded up bud into the bowl on one end of the stash pipe and start inhaling through the other! A simple yet essential setup, this would be perfect to take on a sunrise hike to avoid forgetting any of your smoking supplies. 

There are so many ways to get high and enjoy nature around you but the best pipes for camping make it that much easier to get to another level and immerse yourself in connecting better with Mother Earth. Time to buy glass pipes online and hit the road! What is your favorite camping spot to spend a weekend getting high and enjoying life? 

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