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The past few months of quarantine have made us all realize that two very important things have become essential in our lives: Netflix and weed. Combine the two and you have a dangerous love affair that’ll have you sunken into your couch for days binge-watching everything you can find. We’ve gathered a list of the essential Netflix series that are must-sees so all you have to worry about is rolling a joint and preparing your munchies menu. 

Best Animated Series

BoJack Horseman

The first animated series to originate from Netflix, BoJack Horseman is a genius composition that was influenced by other animated comedies like The Simpsons. Created by Raphael Bob-Wasberg and starring powerhouse celebrities like Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris, Will plays BoJack, an alcoholic horse and Hollywood has-been that returned after two decades off the scene. Determined to turn his life around and reclaim his fame, BoJack navigates his comeback with his ex-girlfriend and agent. This series has six seasons so block out a weekend to rally through this - you’ll get an excellent ab workout from laughing so much.

Rick and Morty

An all-time favorite stoner series, Rick and Morty is about an eccentric grandfather and the adventures he has with his grandchildren that involve traveling through different portals with Rick’s flying car. Each reality may alter each character’s personalities which is incredible to watch when you’re flying high in the clouds already. This is definitely one of the best tv series on Netflix to watch if you haven’t already - but even if you have, it’s worth watching again!


An FX original, Archer is about secret agents based in a previous era that is completely dysfunctional yet so entertaining. With so many different characters and personalities, it’s easy to find someone to relate to and the banter alone will have your bong rips interrupted with bursts of laughter. Enjoy ten seasons of this animated series and take a bong rip every time Sterling Archer says something inappropriate! You’re bound to be high as a kite a few episodes in. 


The Good Place

>If you’re a fan of Kristen Bell you’ll most definitely love her character, Eleanor, in The Good Place. After she enters the afterlife in a place that’s deemed for the righteous and those that have done good deeds in their previous life, she realizes that she was sent there by mistake. This hilarious comedy will have you dreaming of your own utopia while laughing at the events that unfold. Try an edible for this series to be in the right mindset for those “what the fork” moments. 

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore stars in this horror-comedy series and there’s really no one else better fit for the role. She plays a real estate agent with a typical life in a suburban community until she becomes undead and must feed on human flesh. While trying to find her next victim (hopefully already dead) and trying to hide her uncommon cravings, this comedy shows a seemingly normal family that is far from it. You’ll probably want to choose your snacks carefully if you don’t like the sight of blood.

On My Block

This is one of the best original Netflix series in a while and will have you Shazaming all the tunes you hear to really set the vibe. Although this show is based on a group of high school kids, their issues and life experiences mature them well beyond their years. Each with their own trials and tribulations, the group navigates being in a gang-filled neighborhood in Los Angeles while trying to find stolen money that was hidden years ago. This show will have you laughing and dancing in the first season, but it gets heavy quick and it is worth watching both seasons back-to-back. This show was thoughtfully created, highlighting a multitude of issues that are prevalent in our current society. 

Best Docuseries

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

You don’t even have to like cats to thoroughly enjoy this docu-series. This docu-series is about a group of people that become outraged by a number of videos posted gruesomely killing cats and a man being murdered. Don’t F**k With Cats is so weird, intriguing and mind-blowing that you’ll have to get hella high for this one. The keyboard warriors are back at it again and show the true power of what the internet and a simple stalk sesh can do. The people in this docu-series conduct a major manhunt and enter the dark underworld in order to help investigators in multiple countries help track down a murderer. 


If you’ve never considered a cheerleader an athlete, your opinion will be changed after watching Cheer. The show follows Navarro College and their quest to win a National Cheerleading Championship. The team is notorious in the cheer community for winning championships and the show navigates the obstacles a cheer team must face when trying to win a title. This show is inspirational in many ways and you’ll be amazed at the athleticism of each cheer member. You can get as high as you want with this one it’s almost like watching a reality show!

Street Food

All foodies need to make it a priority to watch Street Food, a series that highlights cities around the world and the delicious dishes in every culture. You’ll want to be eating during this, or at least have take-out on speed dial with whatever’s getting your cravings going. Each episode shows the city visited and the many attainable restaurant locations you can go to yourself when traveling! You don’t have to pay a lot of money to eat incredible food, save that green for your next ganja run!

Here are some bonus picks in case you get through this list a lot quicker than expected.


Black Mirror

Orange Is The New Black

Sex Education

Dead To Me

Better Call Saul


Roll that joint, get your munchies tray of snacks lined up and get the mood set with some nicely scented candles. You’ll be entertained for days and these are classics that can be watched again! And if you need to stock up on a new Netflix buddy you can buy this bong online. What’s your favorite on this list? Let us know if we missed any!

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