Best Cheap Mini Bongs Under $50

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As summer nears to an end it might feel time to switch up the aesthetic of your bong collection. As a new season approaches, a new bong must approach your doorstep too! While we all wish to ball out to get the biggest and baddest bongs around, the underrated mini bongs on a budget are where it’s at. Here is a list of the best cheap mini bongs under $50 that will hit just as heavy as the expensive ones!

Best cheap mini bongs under $20

Cheers to all the budget stoners that can’t be bothered to spend too much on a new piece - we got you! Remember, just because something is cheap in cost does not mean it reflects its performance. Here are some of the best cheap mini bongs under $20 if you can’t exactly make the $50 budget range.

Captains Glass Mini Bubbler - 5.5 inches

Captains Glass Mini Bubbler

Steer your stoner ship with the Captains Glass Mini Bubbler, a 5.5-inch mini bong that is classy and functional with a deep bowl and angled mouthpiece. The rich colors paired with a twisting design throughout the piece makes it so unique and fun to smoke out of. Want to soften up the look a bit? Try the Pink Captains Glass Mini Bubbler for a more transparent look!

Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong - 5 inches

Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong

The Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong is a thick five inch mini bong that is compact and portable enough to take with you on the go! With no loose pieces, this mini bong has a 2-in-1 tight-fitting carb cap and carb hole to really keep things secure. Easily set this to the side and never worry about spills or breakage, this mini bong can handle it all!

Cheap mini bongs under $50

Now let’s get to the good stuff, the fine selection of bongs under $50 that we’ve all been waiting for! No matter what your preference, there’s a mini bong for every stoner out there.

Glow In The Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong - 5 inches

Glow In The Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong

Get lit in more ways than one with the Glow In The Dark SIlicone Dino Egg Mini Bong. Shaped just like an egg and made of resistant silicone, look closer and you’ll see a cute little dino babe that will keep you company while you light up! And did you know that this can also be used as a dab rig!? It just gets better and better, plus for the price it is hard to beat.

Prismatic Perc Bong - 6 inches

Prismatic Perc Bong

The Prismatic Perc Bong is a mini bong that can double as a dab rig, but that’s not even the best part. This six-inch bong has a sprinkler percolator and a splash guard to provide cool and clean hits every single time. This piece is great for passing with its compact build and wide stable base, perfect for sharing with the homies!

The Fruits of Summer Bong - 7 inches

The Fruits of Summer Bong

Still holding onto the last bits of the sunny season? The Fruits of Summer Bong is the perfect companion for living out the last moments of summer by the pool and everywhere in between. Designed with gorgeous speckled glass with a curved neck to avoid any splashing, this detailed fruit design will have you doing the most for your Instagram aesthetic, this is just one of those pieces that make you want to step your game up. 

Curie Mini Bong - 6 inches

Curie Mini Bong

Looks simple yet elegant, what more can you ask for? Well, the Curie Mini Bong is more than just a sight to see. This six-inch mini bong really packs a punch and can double as a dab rig too! Designed with speckled glass, choose between iridescent and rainbow which are both mesmerizing in its own right. You can easily puff and pass with this beautiful mini bong and leave extra space for some munchies!

Message In A Bottle - 8 inches

Message In A Bottle

The simple yet extremely elegant Message In A Bottle Bong is an eight-inch masterpiece made with a double bubble percolator. The bottle style bong paired with a transparent body, plus a translucent pale purple base just screams modern minimalism and we are here for it.  Place this mini bong anywhere in your home and use it as a table piece when you’re not toking out of it!

All Stacked Up Mini Bong - 8 inches

All Stacked Up Mini Bong

Beat the odds with the All Stacked Up Mini Bong, a unique bong that contains a 360-degree sprinkler percolator that helps aerate and filter each hit. This eight-inch setup can also double as a dab rig - who doesn’t love a multifunctional piece? The color block design just adds to its beauty and there’s nothing more to say about this piece beyond getting it and testing it out yourself, it’s one of those “if you were there you’d understand” type of bongs.

Are cheap bongs worth it?

Just because a bong is cheap, does not mean the quality of the build has to be! Each mini bong in this list is made of durable materials that stretch your dollars further and make it worth your while. Most mini bongs are puff puff passable, so check out more cheap mini bongs for sale and spread the love! 

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