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best weed influencers
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If you’re an avid social user, you probably already have a clan of insta-famous accounts that provide all the cannabis content your heart desires. The best part of the online cannabis community is the interaction and transparency about all things THC and CBD. Many influencers occupy a niche within the cannabis world - like the girl that is popular for posting the best smoke videos or the guy that’s a serious CBD advocate and has all the information you’ve been looking for. Whether you want to educate yourself regarding all things cannabis or simply veg out to some funny content, these are the best cannabis influencer accounts to follow.

Koala Puffs @koala.puffss

Anjela, also known as @koala.puffss, is a 26-year-old cannabis influencer living in Los Angeles. With almost 700K followers on Instagram, Koala Puffs is a one-stop-shop for your cannabis needs. She posts humor for stoners, hosts live smoke sessions to interact with her followers and has an online merch shop for her koala-loving fans. What’s great about Anjela is the genuine kindness she shows to her fans and how she actively contributes to charities like .. She is also friends with other popular cannabis influencers, and together they organize community trash cleanups nationwide. Look forward to her daily posts like her #pottypuffs series and her weekly live streams; this girl makes you feel like you’re never smoking alone!

Mac @macdizzle420

Former roommate and close friend of Koala Puffs, Mac, aka @macdizzle420, is also the co-founder of TheWeedTube. When cannabis influencers were getting their YouTube accounts deleted for posting content involving marijuana, Mac and another influencer, @arendrichard, decided to crowdfund and start another platform exclusively for posting weed content. TheWeedTube is a great space for cannabis users to interact. You can find Mac posted up with her @2girls.1bong co-host @ thejoyride sharing hilarious content like their stoner travels.

Steve Deangelo @steve.deangelo

Describing himself as the “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry”, @steve.deangelo is a longtime cannabis advocate for legalization. He owns a well-known chain of marijuana dispensaries and made one of the first legal sales when California legalized marijuana. An entrepreneur and author, Steve provides rich, informative content from a business perspective.

Jorge Cervantes, @jorgecervantesmj

If you really want to get down to the science of marijuana, @jorgecervantesmj is the account to follow. Award-winning cannabis cultivation author, Jorge shows everything you wish to see when it comes to cultivating the crop.

David Ja Rodd Irving, @david_irving95

Former NFL player @david_irving95 quit his football career and since then has been very vocal about his advocacy for marijuana. Now a cannabis activist and full-time gamer, David is unapologetically vocal about normalizing the use of marijuana. He is known for highlighting very controversial issues regarding professional athletes and cannabis consumption, saying that he prefers to smoke a joint instead of taking opioids for his many football injuries. He appeals to athletes, gamers, and stoners alike with his carefree attitude and love for ganja. >

Whit @sunnny.daze

If you enjoy scrolling through aesthetically pleasing feeds, check out @sunnny.daze for some creative content. As a medical marijuana patient and CBD advocate, Whit is also the co-founder of a creative agency exclusively dedicated to cannabis culture. With visually appealing photography and videos of product reviews, you can use her account to get leads on the latest up and coming products and collaborations. She travels throughout the US often, so maybe you’ll catch her in your city!

Ladies of Paradise

A powerhouse of creatives, @ladiesofparadise is definitely a must-follow for cannabis influencers. These ladies are the brains and beauty of this creative agency and also the creatives behind Lady Jays. Curating trendy and stylish cigarette-style pre-rolled joint packs, everything these gals do is artsy to the core. A lot of the popular brands you see today use Ladies of Paradise for their creative needs so you’ve probably seen their work before!

The Mommy Jane @themommyjane

For those of you that are moms, you’ll appreciate this gal - @themommyjane is an active cannabis enthusiast and is using her platform to normalize marijuana consumption and being a mother. Previously, she was codependent on wine and felt it really affecting her parenting. After switching to a medicinal alternative, she has found her voice in advocating for acceptance when it comes to cannabis consumption as a mother. It is refreshing to follow influencers like Jane because she gives real and raw accounts of her daily life as a mother and marijuana users. 

More Weed Than Woman, @moreweedthanwoman

To thoughtlessly scroll through your feed and look at awesome stoner photos, look no further than @moreweedthanwoman. Promoting “cannabis, women, art and aesthetics”, More Weed Than Woman will have you double-tapping their entire Instagram feed dating back to 50 weeks ago. If you want your photo to be featured, make sure to hashtag #MWTW - there’s a good chance you can be re-posted as they post features often! This account will make you want to step up your social media game and put some effort into your smoking photos.

There are tons of cannabis influencers to follow depending on which part of the marijuana world you’d like to deep dive into. This list is a great start to navigating through the different niches the cannabis community has. Once you browse through these accounts, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself going down the rabbit hole of binge following other top cannabis advocates. Which are your favorite cannabis influencers to follow and why?

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