Best Apps For Cannabis Users

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best apps for stoners
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We are in a constantly growing and rapidly-paced digital world, where technology is used for almost everything in our daily lives. Ten years ago, it was a whole different ball game trying to get the goods with sketchy weed dealers and never knowing what strains you’re smoking. Now, there are various dispensaries available for buying cannabis products, online stores for all the marijuana accessories your heart desires and a plethora of educational material on specific strains. Check out the best apps for cannabis users with a wide variety of dispensary locators, social networking to meet new people and more!


One of the first apps to offer reliable information about where to get marijuana, Weedmaps is a great guide for cannabis users. Use this app to locate dispensaries near you, deliveries and deals on cannabis products, and reviews on marijuana strains so you can get an idea of what type of weed you’re looking for. This app is great for those that are new to the cannabis community and need some direction in the buying process. Download the app, make sure your current location is on and see what weed deals have been hiding right under your nose!


If you’ve always wanted to grow your own marijuana but did not have the means to do so - download Simleaf! Developed by real growers, this app is considered your virtual pet and you are responsible for growing it. The app allows you to manage light, temperature, humidity, water/nutrient/pH levels to produce a unique weed strain every single time. Whether you’re interested in the growing process for entrepreneurial purposes or to simulate your childhood Tamagotchi experience, this app will most definitely teach you a thing or two.


Created to be a virtual weed diary of your weed crops, Bud can be a helpful tool for hobbyists and cannabis entrepreneurs alike. Keep track of cycles, share with other Bud users and gather insightful advice on improving your crops. Connect with other weed growers and expand the cannabis space!

High There!

Are you into social networking but Instagram isn’t cutting it for you when it comes to making friends in the cannabis community? High There! is a great option for you. Initially treated like Tinder, High There! has become a space where you can meet like-minded cannabis enthusiasts and share mindful discussions about marijuana. Its platform is similar to Slack where there is a space for discussions on strains and local product recommendations.


Are you the type to pick up a new strain, really love it but always forget to remember which random strain it was you got? The Releaf app is what you need to download ASAP! This app helps you document and keep track of the strains you’re consuming so you can remember how it makes you feel. Similar to a diary entry, this app helps you stay organized when attempting self-treatment of specific symptoms. You can track THC or CBD usage and share your information so friends and family can be aware of what works for you. Who knows, tracking your usage could help a loved one too!


If you’re in an area where cannabis has not yet been legalized, there are a lot of creative ways to get your hands on some green that were not previously available a few years ago. Apps like Telegram have turned the art of weed buying into a digital encryption process that protects both parties. Many countries where marijuana is not yet legalized use this app to contact one another and make a transaction. This app requires a bit of back work on your end where you must do a little digging and ask around for the plug’s username. But once you are in contact, the app keeps everything private and encrypted. After your deal is done, the message will self-destruct and there will be no trace of the transaction. Pretty cool, right? Just remember to keep your plug’s username somewhere so you can remember him or her later.


If you are in an area where marijuana is legal, this is the stoner version of a crazy coupon app. Muncheez is an app that helps you find delivery deals in your local area for cannabis products. You can also find educational resources regarding strains, which is always helpful when you’re not physically buying it in the store. If you trust a delivery service, this is a one-stop-shop to learning, sourcing and securing your next weed supply.

There are many cannabis-related apps that provide tools and resources for improving your experience with marijuana. Depending on where you live, your next weed purchase could be as easy as swiping up. No matter where you live, there are many apps that offer educational content that will provide you with all the knowledge you need to grow cannabis, how to use cannabis for specific symptoms and more. Whether you are part of the cannabis community for the science of marijuana or make social connections, you can do it all! What cannabis-related apps are you using that have been helpful?

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