Best 420 Sale Store Finds

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420 sale store finds
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The trick to living your best stoner life is to do it in a way that you are not breaking the bank and can still take care of the other necessities in life. If you are sacrificing your food budget to buy yourself a bong - no judgment, but we must change that. No one needs to buy the fanciest dab rigs or most expensive grinders when you have full access to the $4.20 store online to grab all stoner essentials without emptying your bank account. Here are the best 420 sale store finds that will give you a nice smoke setup so you still have leftover moolah for some munchies. 

Infinity Glass Pipe

infinity glass pipe

You would never be able to tell this cost less than five bucks because the Infinity Glass Pipe delivers top quality hits that taste like luxury. This 4.5-inch glass spoon pipe has a twisted stem made of heat-safe glass, and its transparent design lets you watch the smoke creep up towards you and ready for inhalation. This is definitely a smoking pipe you can easily give to a fellow stoner to show all the love without forking up a ton of cash you could be spending on some top shelf weed. 420 sale for the win!

Pink Bart Bowl - 14mm Male

pink bart bowl

Upgrade your bongs in the simplest way by grabbing a few fun bowls that add some spice to your collection. The Pink Bart Bowl is a cool way to switch up your smoke routine and use it as an ice breaker in group sessions. This 14mm male joint is compatible with dry herb and gives an instant Simpsons facelift so buy one your friends who are fans of good ole Bart and we know they will cherish it forever.

The Fish Scale Pipe

the fish scale pipe

Looking like a piece of art, the Fish Scale Pipe is a four-inch masterpiece made of borosilicate glass and exquisitely detailed with fish scales throughout. Being small and lightweight you can pack this pipe and go wherever your heart desires. Feel free to light up a bowl and ponder the world’s beauty through it, this cheap weed pipe is worth all your coins and delivers top notch hits to get you feeling nice. It has a deep bowl so you’ll only need a hit or two!

Bat Bowl - 14mm Male

bat bowl

If you are more of a DC comics fan, the Bat Bowl is right up your alley! A 14mm Male bowl will go perfectly with just about any bong and instantly add some magic to the stoner spot. A deep bowl that looks extra cool when lighting up, feel the power of this bad boy with every hit you take. Another excellent 420 sale choice to gift to friends without overspending or overthinking.

King Palm Mini

 king palm mini

Smoke in luxury with King Palm Mini that holds up to one gram of your favorite bud. Made of real leaf rolls, take yourself to a tropical place without leaving the couch. Choose flavors like banana cream to passion fruit and get creative with the strain you use to maximize the taste. Stock up and you’ll quickly be hooked on these it might be hard to go back to normal rolling papers.

Mini Elephant Pipe

mini elephant pipe

Fitting into the palm of your hand, the Mini Elephant Pipe is a cannabis cutie’s dream! This 3-inch pipe is so small you can tuck it into your bag and bring it with you everywhere to avoid missing out on all the fun. Available in several colors, choose your vibe and spark up a conversation the next time you’re smoking out of this pretty pipe, everyone will want to know where you got it from!

EF420 350MAH Vertex Vape Pen

EF420 vertex vape pen

Are you more of a vaper? The EF420 350MAH Vertex Vape Pen is the holy grail of the $4.20 store to get you up and running in no time. Choose between different colors or grab them all for backups! You’ll never get a cheaper vape pen from a 420 sale that delivers top quality performance so you can toke and travel wherever you need to be. 

EF420 Wood Dugout

EF420 wood dugout

Get a quick hit in style with the EF420 Wood Dugout, and at 4 inches long you can tuck this sleek wooden one hitter in your pocket right after use. Hold your stash on one side and enjoy the convenience of a swivel top for an extra sophisticated look. Equipped with a cigarette bat pipe, just swing it open and get a home run hit quick enough to carry on with your day.

There is something for every stoner in the $4.20 store section you’ll be surprised at how much you can stretch your hard earned dollars. Then next time you want to buy a cool bong online, make sure to check out the $4.20 store steals to complete your stoner setup!

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