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Underwater Cyclops Bong
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Looking for an ultra-unique water bong to add to your collection? Toss out your boring water pipe and turn heads with a rare heady glass bong made by a talented glass blower! These cool bongs are made of the highest quality borosilicate glass and are just dying to be sown off. Instead of hiding your bong away in a drawer, showcase your heady glass bong proudly since they aren’t just for smoking, but are real pieces of art.

What is heady glass?

In the 420 community, the term heady glass refers to any hand blown art glassware piece. These glass bubbler pipes, water bongs, dab rigs, bong bowls, carb caps, and smoking pipes are typically made in small batches and are always very high quality with a lot of attention to detail. Essentially, every heady glass bong is a work of art. Because of their unique designs, rare colored glass, difficult glass blowing techniques, and intricate details, heady glass bongs are prized collector items and most are very expensive. If you want a one-of-a-kind bong that will turn heads and can be admired as a work of art, choose heady glass. With constantly rotating inventory, Everything For 420 offers discreet shipping and low prices making them one of the best online heady glass shops around.

Heady glass bongs for sale

Sludge Cyclops Bong

Are you afraid of the dark? This unique glow-in-the-dark heady glass bong will keep you up at night, not because of the monster under your bed, but because you won’t want the smoke sesh to end. The Sludge Cyclops Bong is 12.5 inches tall with a wide base, thick mouthpiece, and removable diffused downstem for aeration. Artists dreamt up this insane monster-themed beaker bong with rotting teeth, glowing lips, and beautifully crafted irises. Horror fans will love watching this water bong get passed around at a party.

Sludge Cyclops Bong

Pineapple Express Bong

Put on everyone’s favorite stoner movie and mesmerize over the beautiful Pineapple Express Bong. This gorgeously crafted heady glass bong will make all your summer dreams come true, including smoking out of a pineapple. Blown from heat-safe borosilicate glass in clear, yellow, and green, a few hits from this fruit bong and you’ll be reminiscing of days on the beach. The 10-inch water bong has an angled straw-like mouthpiece, a transparent smoking bowl, and a fixed downstem. The raised bumps and leaf details make this glass bong a summer-time hit.

Pineapple Express Bong

Beat the summer heat with the Chocolate Cookie Sundae Rig that will make you lick your lips with delight. This heady functional glass bong is insanely realistic from the Oreo cookie and chocolate sauce details to the peppermint stick that doubles as the mouthpiece. This heady glass bong is 8 inches tall and includes a transparent glass bong bowl that can be swapped out with a quartz banger if you want to also dab concentrates. This water bong has a large base that’s hard to topple over and a durable fixed downstream.

Chocolate Sundae Rig

Avocado Mini Rig

The artists at the prestigious Empire Glassworks come up with some of the best heady glass bongs that never fail to impress. This American made heady glass mini bong features everyone’s favorite fruit. Standing at just 6 inches tall, the Avocadope Mini Rig may be pint-sized, but it produces flavorful, large plumes of smoke and can even be used as a dab rig. From the multiple shades of green to the realistic pit and textured skin, this water bong is as realistic as it gets. Fill up the avocado bong bowl with dry herb where the pit would be and inhale through the larger avocado mouthpiece while watching the bubbling action through the clear glass water chamber.

Avocadope Mini Rig

Underwater Cyclops Bong

Looking for a cool bong that everyone will be talking about? The macabre Underwater Cyclops Bong produces direct hits and is super fun to look at. At 14 inches, this beaker bong has a large, stable base that’s perfect for passing around a group of friends. Wrapped around this heady glass bong is an extremely detailed one-eyed monster with octopus tentacles and a smoking bowl sticking right out of its open mouth.

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