710 Meaning

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710 meaning
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The stoner community has coined a bunch of terms that only true stoners will know about, and one of them is the 710 holiday. To a newbie weed user, what would that mean to you? Not much, but to the dabbers it is a recognized holiday that celebrates the art of dabbing cannabis oil products. So how did the 710 holiday come about and why should you know about this when you are just trying to get the hang of 420? Learn more here about the 710 meaning and what you should be doing on July 10th every year here on out. 

What is 710?

As stated before, 710 is a recognized holiday that lands on July 10th of every year to celebrate the smoking of cannabis oil products, aka dabbing. Similar to 420, this holiday consists of celebratory tokes but through dab rigs and portable vape pens to offer a discreet and fun way to get high. 

Why did dabbers choose 710 as the glorified holiday to toke up a little bit extra than normal? Well, unlike the 420 holiday there is no clear origin of how 710 got coined as the special dabbing day. But, in true stoner style if you flip “710” upside down it spells “OIL”. If that doesn’t take you back to middle school days of communicating in class through calculators then I don’t know what will, and stoners are known for nostalgic-inspired slang so the term is extremely fitting. 

Best dab tools

So how do you celebrate 710 like a stoner boss? You’ll need a few supplies but will be able to get high in no time. To maximize your high and get the most out of concentrates, every dabber needs the best dab tools and you can choose between glass, metal, or silicone to customize your experience even further. 

Another dab tip - you’ll need to know the size of your nail or banger on the dab rig you choose. Does your setup have a domeless nail? Try the metal dab tool that is small and pointed. Are you using a quartz banger that is larger in size? Try the Pika dab tool that has a small spoon at the tip. 

Best carb caps

To fully maximize your dabs you’ll want to pick up some carb caps for your dab setup as well. Carb caps help retain more heat and burn concentrates more efficiently so that you are vaping at low temperatures for higher quality dabs. For carb caps you can choose between glass, quartz, silicone and titanium - try the pineapple carb cap or the minion carb cap to add some extra pizazz to your sessions. 

Best dab rigs for 710

Now it’s time to choose your dab rig and here is a roundup of the best dab rigs for 710 to set you up for not just the July 10th holiday but to turn you into a full on dabber.

Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong - 5 inches

If you are a dabber on a budget, try the Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong. For under $35 you’ll be getting so much value for your buck with this mini dab rig so this is an excellent choice for new users. This dinosaur themed egg is a fun way to get your dab on and while you’ll have to grab your own banger that just means you can customize your setup even more. This mini dab rig is also a bong so if you need to switch over to flower you can double up and get through your supply no matter what you have on hand. 

The Grappa Dab Rig - 5 inches

Need something a little more substantial than silicone but still don’t want to shovel out the most? Try The Grappa Dab Rig for under $60, another five-inch mini dab rig that is super simple yet elegant in design. Its small stature makes it travel-friendly and also comes with a 90-degree male quartz banger nail so just grab a dab tool plus your wax of choice and you are ready to dab!

Focus V Carta Electric Dab Rig

Looking for top of the line setup for a high quality dab sesh? The Focus V Carta Electric Dab Rig is a top choice for experienced dabbers and for good reason. This high-tech and ultra portable vape rig comes as a complete set and can be used with both dry herb or concentrates - the best of both worlds! Fully customize each dab session with the CARTA app where you can access additional settings. This setup includes a glass carb cap and a USB-C charger or rechargeable batteries to quickly juice up. This portable electric dab rig is travel-friendly so you won’t have to leave home without it!

710 friendly

We hope you join us and dabbers everywhere on July 10th in celebrating cannabis oil use with the best 710 products to maximize your dab sessions. If you are down to dab, make sure you snag a cool dab rig,  get all the best dab tools, carb caps and other smoking accessories you need to fly high! 

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