7 Cute Girly Pipes

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7 cute girly pipes
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Sometimes when a girl’s life is feeling dull or needs to be shaken up, she will do something like get a haircut or change her hair color. Other times a girl can buy a new outfit or switch up her room space. We’re here to tell you that diamonds are not really a girl’s best friend, but a cute girly pipe can be! Here are seven cute girly pipes you need to get your hands on to feel all cute and stoney like the weed queen you are. 

Cute girly pipes for $4.20

Every stoner babe needs to be a bad bargain B as well, so of course you can find some cute girly pipes for $4.20 to avoid breaking the bank. Weed pipes all get the job done so if you are not picky one of these affordable babies will do you and your pocket right!

Horton Glass Pipe

horton glass pipe

The Horton Glass Pipe is one of the cutest girly weed pipes you can own, and for just a mere $4.20!? This table-stable weed pipe is compact and portable, ready to be taken wherever you want to go and light up! This Dr. Suess-inspired piece brings some nostalgia in a three-inch build, and can stand on its own to avoid any spillage. Anyone that uses this cute girly pipe is sure to fall in love.

Infinity Glass Pipe 

infinity glass pipe

Another cheap steal is the Infinity Glass Pipe, a 4.5-inch weed pipe that is the perfect amount of subtle while still providing those wow reactions. Become infinitely happy after smoking from this cute girly pipe and watch the smoke dance from the bowl through the transparent chamber before reaching your mouth and ready to inhale. Pack this in your weed bag to pack a bowl at any moment!

Cute girly pipes under $50

Step it up a notch and snag yourself some excellently priced pipes for less than $50! A little bit more of an investment from the $4.20 store, but a reasonable reason to get creative with your pipe selection without going completely broke. 

Nebula Pipe - 4.5 inches

nebula pipe

The Nebula Pipe is a 4.5-inch piece that looks like it is permanently lit up! This hand-blown glass has a large deep bowl for you to take several hits in one sitting. This pipe is a work of art in itself and others will think you created it on your own. This piece looks fragile and is, so handle with care!

Scaled Steamroller - 4 inches

 scaled steamroller

Looking for something that is really compact but sans the dullness? The Scaled Steamroller is a four-inch showstopper that will definitely spark up a conversation. This thumb-press style bowl has a beautiful scale design with natural tones to keep this pipe timeless. Another travel-friendly smoking pipe, this one can slip into your pocket and go wherever you go! 

Red Apple Handpipe - 7.5 inches

red apple handpipe

Looking for something girly with a side of wicked? The Red Apple Handpipe is right up your alley. This 7.5-inch pipe has a deep bowl that will deliver quite a few hits and appreciate the finer details of a real apple. The best part of this pipe is watching the smoke brew upwards, it is a magical experience that you’ll never get tired of.

Cute girly pipes for over $100

If you can spend the coins, the following pipes are highly recommended. They are not cheap nor easy to come by as most are made of a limited stock, so get it while you can!

Cherry Glass Sealife Steamroller - 6.5 inches

Cherry Glass Sealife Steamroller

The Cherry Glass Sealife Steamroller is a piece of art that you’ll never want to put down. A simple steamroller pipe setup wrapped into a shining and shimmery sea life is like having an interactive canvas you not only get to admire but use to spark up! This girly glass pipe has transparent parts throughout so the smoke can be seen surrounding the seashells. Choose between blue shell or orange shell, both are beautiful and sparkling enough to please any mermaid loving stoner. 

Cherry Glass Butterfly Steamroller With Base - 6.5 inches

Cherry Glass Butterfly Steamroller with Base

Have you seen a smoking pipe as intricately detailed like the Cherry Glass Butterfly Steamroller With Base? Created by Cherry Glass, this beautiful and one of a kind steamroller pipe will definitely grab the attention of anyone nearby. A simple, yet extremely sophisticated piece will have you lighting up and getting lost in the details. This 6.5-inch smoking pipe showcases a unique butterfly that will have you feeling beautiful and free after a couple of hits yourself. 

Cute girly pipes

No matter the budget, any stoner babe can get high and look cute doing it! With so many pieces to choose from, there are much more cute girly pipes to go on and on about. Smoking pipes are a girl’s best friend because every gal needs something reliable, delivers good vibes and makes for a great travel buddy. Round up all the girlfriends and put them on to level up every stoner in the squad!

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