7 Best Mini Bubbler Pipes

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Man smoking Captain's Glass Mini Bubbler
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Though not as popular as regular smoking pipes and water bongs, mini bubbler pipes bring together the best of both worlds. They are compact and easy to transport like a smoking pipe and still use water filtration for silky smooth hits similar to a glass bong. Weed bubblers are made in silicone or glass and come in a variety of styles, even a few with percolators, so be sure to pick one that fits your needs and smoking style. Available in eye-catching designs and vibrant colors, every cannabis enthusiast should have at least one mini bubbler in their arsenal.

Best Mini Bubbler Pipes

Glass Hammer Bubbler

The point of a bubbler is to use the power of water to soften each hit more than smoking from a pipe, but less than a large water bong, while still remaining portable and discreet. The Glass Hammer Bubbler checks all the boxes with its tree perc that helps to cool and filter contaminants even further. Having a percolator is an absolute game changer! This hammer bubbler also has a flat bottom so it can stand upright on its own and features a long notched neck that keeps dirty water where it belongs. Blown from fully transparent heat-safe glass, you’ll be able to view all the bubbling action from the perc and watch the smoke accumulate within this 5.5-inch mini bubbler.

Glass Hammer Bubbler

Pink Ooze Steamboat Silicone Bubbler

From the makers of the best silicone bongs and smoking accessories comes the Pink Ooze Steamboat Silicone Bubbler. Designed for the modern stoner, this silicone bubbler is made from durable drop-proof materials including a silicone downstem and neck that even the clumsiest of friends will have a difficult time breaking. The large flat bottom allows the 7-inch long bubbler to sit upright at all times and never accidentally tip over. A funnel-shaped glass bowl featuring the Ooze logo comes standard with every bubbler.

Pink Ooze Steamboat Bubbler

Captain Glass Mini Bubbler

The Captain Glass Mini Bubbler is just 5.5 inches tall with a base that fits in the palm of your hand. Available in blue, green, pink, or yellow with blue swirls, this mini bubbler pipe is perfect for taking along on any adventure. It features a long curved neck with a tapered mouthpiece, a fixed glass downstem, and a large matching glass bowl. Use the left side carb to control the airflow and have full control over your smoking session. At less than $15, this cheap glass bubbler looks expensive, making it a great gift for your stoner bae.

Captain's Glass Mini Bubbler

Pistol Bubbler

Call up a group of friends and play the non-lethal version of Russian roulette with the unique Pistol Bubbler. This glass bubbler pipe is 7.5 inches of fun. Fill the grip with just enough water to cover the downstem, pack the bowl at the top, and inhale through the barrel. Blown from fully transparent pink glass that’s also heat resistant, this glass bubbler was designed with care from the intricate details on the barrel to the hammer and trigger guard. Liven up your typical weekend smoke sesh by getting blazed with the Pistol Bubbler.

Pistol Bubbler

Large Twist Bubbler

At six inches tall, the Large Twist Bubbler is still small enough to be travel-friendly and discreet. Designed in the classic bubbler style, each piece is blown from colorful heat-safe glass with swirling ribbons of color that will put a smile on your face every time you pull it out of your backpack. The small water chamber allows the user to hold it comfortably in one hand, while still using the left side carb and lighting up. Choose from orange and green, blue and orange, or red and green designs.

Large Twist Bubbler

Bubble Blaster

The cool design of the Bubble Blaster gives your typical glass bubbler pipe a well needed upgrade. Complete with dual water chambers for added cooling and filtration, this hammer bubbler fits everything into just 7 inches. Multiple splashguards and an angled neck add to the look, while keeping splashback to a minimum when taking giant rips. Not only is it a mini bubbler pipe that you’ll want to admire, the built-in bowl is just the right size to get you and a friend bubble blasted to oblivion.

Bubble Blaster Mini Bubbler

Silicone Bubbler

Bring the Silicone Bubbler on your next camping trip or party and you won’t have to worry about causing any damage while it’s being passed around the crowd. Made from brightly colored heat-safe silicone, this mini bubbler pipe still includes a large funnel-shaped bowl that can easily be replaced if the worst does happen. The tie dye inspired look of this silicone bubbler pipe will take you back to the good ole days of free love and cheap bud.

Green Silicone Bubbler

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