420 Halloween Costumes and a Bong to Match

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420 Halloween pumpkin costume
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Halloween is upon us and with most restrictions lifted and events planned as usual, this October 31st is shaping up to be a spooktacular night. There’s ghostly decorations, fun costumes, and candy for when the munchies hit, what’s not to love? If you still don’t have a Halloween costume, why not show off your love for the green goddess with one of our 420 costume ideas. These stoner Halloween costume ideas aren’t cheesy like that time your friend from college wore a DIY blunt costume to a frat party. The 420 Halloween costumes on this list are all crowd pleasers and we even suggest a matching water bong or smoking accessory that you’ll be able to pass around the party for even more excitement.

420 Halloween costumes plus a matching bong

The Mask

If painting your face green, carrying around a bubbler, and yelling SMOKIN’ is your idea of a fun time, then you need to dress up as The Mask this Halloween. The cult classic Jim Carry movie is an absolute masterpiece that will be a huge hit at any Halloween costume contest or event. His most well-known look is the yellow suit and fedora with a black and white patterned tie. Turn it into a 420 Halloween costume by carrying the Ooze Trip Pipe Silicone Bubbler in the same neon green. If The Mask smoked ganja, this would definitely be his smoking device of choice.

Ooze Trip Pipe Silicone Bubbler

Cruella de Vil

The classic Disney villain was always seen gripping her slender cigarette holder, but Cruella de Vil may just as well been puffing on some sweet Mary Jane. Swipe on some cherry red lipstick and don her black and white wig and long trench coat to personify the fashion-obsessed fur lover. Get yourself a joint holder and a pack of RAW King Size Rolling Papers With Tips, so you’ll have a trail of smoke following you wherever you go, just like Cruella herself.

RAW King Size Rolling Papers With Tips

Squid Game boss costume

Still not done talking about the hit Korean thriller? Freak everyone out by dressing up as the Squid Game boss. This easy DIY Halloween costume only requires you to purchase the angular black mask and wear all black including black gloves and a black jacket with a hood. That’s it! Puff discreetly on the pocket-sized portable Arizer Solo II Vape that is completely black with a sleek design and powerful battery that fits right into character.

Arizer solo II Vape

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

If you and your friends are into pop culture and staying on top of the latest celebrity shenanigans, this stoner couple Halloween costume idea is one that everyone will appreciate. This year, no couple has made headlines more than rocker Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. If you don’t mind being too risqué (and you live somewhere that isn’t too cold), try their iconic VMA outfits. The person dressing as MGK will need a shiny red suit and face jewels, while Megan’s outfit requires a bikini and see through dress. There’s no doubt this duo smokes bud, so top off the outfits with the feminine Cherry Glass Sealife Steamroller for Megan and the portable Chevron Scrawl Mini Bong that matches MGK’s red suit.

Cherry glass sealife steamroller

Tourist Halloween costume

Grab your pop’s aloha shirt, cargo shorts, and fake flower lei to dress up as a tourist vacationing at a tropical destination. Be as creative as you want with this funny Halloween costume by accessorizing with a fake camera, fanny pack, beach hat, and that ghastly sock and sandal combo. One thing’s for sure, you won’t want to miss your best accessory yet, the Pineapple Express Bong! This 10-inch intricately crafted water bong will be the talk of the party, because who doesn’t want to take hits from their favorite tropical fruit.

Pineapple Express Bong

Jurassic Park paleontologist costume

Do you just want a reason to buy a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur egg bong? Ya, we thought so. Dress up as one of the Jurassic Park characters from any of the movies (John Hammond and Dr. Ellie Sattler are our top picks) or a paleontologist with khaki shorts and a matching button down shirt. Finish off the look with the 5-inch Glow in the Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong. The glass egg is encapsulated in a protective silicone skin complete with a baby dinosaur inside that also glows in the dark. Charge up the water bong in bright light before heading out in the dark and watching it light up.

Glow in the dark silicone dino egg mini bong

Hippie Halloween costume

This stoner Halloween costume may be a classic, but everyone loves a well done hippie costume, plus you may already have a few things you can use in your closet. If not, head to a thrift store to find a floral print shirt and some bell bottoms. Platform shoes, headbands, and tie dye all work too. Scoop up the virtually unbreakable Psychedelic Silicone Beaker Bong to complete the look. This 13 inch baddie is made from heat-safe silicone and is designed for sharing and taking on the go. No need to worry about accidental party fouls ruining the night. It’s the most functional accessory you’ll ever own!

psychedelic silicone beaker bong

Not ready to say goodbye to the ghouls and goblins just yet? Head to our online smoke shop where our Halloween bong collection is 25% off if you use code “CREEP”.

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