Gelatti Strain

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Gelatti Strain
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Are you the kind of stoner who walks into a dispensary and picks the brain of the budtender to try and find the most obscure marijuana strain on the shelves? While many recreational cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana users often stumble across a strain they love early on and stick to it no matter what, others love to experiment with different cannabis strains to compare their effects and flavors. If you’re one of the adventurous types who wants to try something very rare, keep an eye out for the Gelatti marijuana strain.

Cookie Fam Genetics (you’ve probably heard them simply referred to as Cookies) have done it once again with the Gelatti strain. Based out of California, Cookies is known throughout the cannabis industry for breeding top-of-the-line new phenotypes and some of the most popular marijuana strains on earth. We’re sure you’ve tried or at least heard of Animal Cookies, Wedding Cake, Sunset Sherbert, Runtz, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cherry Pie. If not, you’ve got some homework to catch up on. The brand was established in 2008 by Bay Area rapper, Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known as Berner and acclaimed cultivator and breeder, Jai (“Jigga”). With its premium genetics and high quality new strains, Cookies quickly built a cult following amongst the cannabis community in the U.S. and around the globe despite many of their products being West Coast exclusives and extremely hard to find in other parts of the U.S. let alone other countries. The Gelatti Cookies strain is no exception, so depending where you live, it could take some hard work and dedication to get your hands on an eight of this bad boy. After reading this article, you’ll have everything you need to know about the Gelatti marijuana strain, its effects, cannabinoids and terpenes, and grow info just in case you do come across this one-of-a-kind marijuana strain. If you’re lucky enough to see the Gelatti strain on the dispensary menu, don’t let the opportunity to give it a try pass you by!

Cookies Gelatti strain info

No, it’s not the frozen Italian dessert you ordered on vacation, but it is a perfect treat for a hot summer day. There’s a reason the Gelatti Cookies strain is so sought after. It packs a powerful punch of potency combined with a unique blend of flavors and well-balanced effects, but only if you’re lucky enough to find this elusive marijuana strain on the dispensary shelf. If you’re looking for Gelatti strain info, you’ve come to the right place!

Is Gelatti a sativa or indica?

The Gelatti cannabis strain is a cross between the popular Gelato strain known as Larry Bird or Gelato #42 and OG Biscotti, both of which are hybrids. Gelatti is also a hybrid designer strain and was bred to inherit the best genetics from each of its parents. This particular strain is a true balanced hybrid of 50% indica and 50% sativa with balanced effects to match. Its parent strain, Gelato is bred from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and is known for its hints of sweet vanilla and strong relaxing effects with a euphoric high. Gelatti’s other parent, the indica-dominant hybrid Biscotti, produces a relaxing cerebral high (head high) and was created by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG.

Gelatti Strain

How does Gelatti strain make you feel?

Knowing that the Gelatti cannabis strain is a balanced hybrid, you may be wondering what kind of effects you’ll experience. Like its parents, this particular strain produces relaxing effects that will numb aches and pains, but won’t put you to sleep like some hard hitting indicas. Stoners also say they feel euphoric with uplifted, happy feelings that get the creative juices flowing. If you’ve been putting off cleaning the kitchen or getting groceries, this hybrid strain is also known for eliminating procrastination with focused effects to get the job done. Gelatti might be just what you need to motivate your mind and lift your spirits. When it comes to medical benefits, patients use the Cookies Gelatti strain for a wide range of health concerns such as anxiety and stress management, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. The hybrid strain is also used to treat various kinds of pain including headaches, chronic pain, and muscle pain.

Gelatti weed strain cannabinoids and terpenes

Put simply, cannabinoids and terpenes are both naturally produced chemical compounds found in plants. While terpenes are responsible for the aroma and taste and found in all types of vegetation, cannabinoids, as the name suggests, are only produced by cannabis plants. It’s not known exactly how many cannabinoids and terpenes there are, but it’s a lot. You probably know about two of the most common and sought after cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The Cookies Gelatti strain tests between 20% to 23% THC and has 1% or less CBD.

Often overlooked, terpenes are important for the complex flavor profiles and subtle nuances that make certain marijuana strains stand out from others. Flavors and aromas range from citrus and fruity or earthy to diesel. The most dominant terpenes in Gelatti are caryophyllene, bisabolol, and ocimene. Caryophyllene is found in cloves, cinnamon, and peppers, and is responsible for peppery and spicy flavors. Bisabolol is most common in chamomile flowers and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. The terpene gives off a floral and slightly pepper scent and flavor. The third dominant terpene in Gelatti is ocimene, which is hard to describe and is found in mint, parsley, and orchid plants. The flavors of ocimene are sweet and resemble herbs with earthy, woody, and slightly citrusy undertones. Combined, the Cookies Gelatti strain has a wonderful and complex profile with lots of sweet, vanilla, and berry-like flavors that are cut with gassy OG notes.

Gelatti strain price

One thing that all cannabis users want to know upfront and will determine if they’ll give a certain strain a try or not is the price. If you know anything about weed, you know that the price of cannabis strains vary widely depending on the state, dispensary, and brand. If you do spot this rare strain, the price in California is usually around $40 to $50 for an eighth ($400 per ounce). The cost can rise significantly the farther you get from the West Coast if you can find it on the shelf at all. If you’re located outside of California, be sure that what you’re getting is the real Cookies Gelatti strain and not a knock off using the name, which is a common occurrence for rare strains like this one. Once you fall in love with Gelatti (we know you will), you may want to try growing a plant or two so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to procure it. Feminized Gelatti seeds run around $8 each and are equally as hard to come by.

Quick facts Gelatti cannabis strain

Name: Gelatti

Cultivator: Cookies

Location: West Coast, California

Availability: Rare outside of California

Genetics: Gelato and OG Biscotti

Strain: Balanced hybrid (50% indica and 50% sativa)

Potency: 20% to 23% THC

Other cannabinoids: 1% CBD, 1% CBG

Nug characteristics: Dense, lots of resin, 

Dominant terpenes: Caryophyllene, bisabolol, ocimene

Flavor: Sweet, honey, peppery, diesel, berries, apple

Effects: Focused, relaxed, happy, creative, euphoric

Potential medical benefits: Anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, ADHD

Gelatti vs gelato strain

While the names are extremely similar, don’t get the two cannabis strains confused. Gelato is one of the parent strains of Gelatti, so they share similar traits, but are two completely different experiences. Gelato is legendary among cannabis strains thanks to its hard-hitting balanced effects and flavor profile, so it’s no surprise that the strain’s genetics are frequently used. Hybrid lovers can’t go wrong with either of these strains, though Gelato has slightly lower THC content than its offspring. They both share sweet and creamy flavors, but Gelatti packs a diesel-like gassy OG taste that adds a layer of depth to each exhale. Gelatti also produces slightly more of a head high that will feel like a buzzing, but isn’t overpowering like some potent sativas. If you like Gelato, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Gelatti.

Gelatti strain grow info

The Cookies Gelatti strain is a great plant for beginner growers and seasoned cultivators alike! It’s easy to grow both indoors and outdoors with a harvest time of around 50 days. Indoor flowering time is between 7 to 9 weeks, while you can expect a mid-October harvest for outdoor plants. Outdoor grow operations typically yield around 14 to 16 ounces per plant, while indoor setups yield roughly 12 to 14 ounces per square meter. The Gelatti Cookies strain grows best in warm temperatures and humid climates and likes to be pruned frequently. What makes this marijuana strain so appealing to new cultivators is its resistance to mold, mildew, and pests, which can wreak havoc and decimate crops if you aren’t careful. It’s best to purchase feminized seeds or Gelatti marijuana strain clones since this specific strain is prone to producing hermaphrodites due to its genetics. Here’s a quick breakdown of Gelatti strain info that’s useful for cultivators:

  • Difficulty: Easy to grow
  • Indoors or outdoors: Both
  • Harvest time: 50 days (mid-October harvest)
  • Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
  • Gelatti strain yield (indoor): 12 to 14 ounces
  • Gelatti strain yield (outdoor): 14 to 16 ounces per plant
  • Preferred climate: Warm temperatures and a humid environment
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and pests

Gelatti Strain 3

Gelatti strain review from users

As you probably know, the same cannabis strain consumed by a group of people can have different effects for each person. This is why we’ve rounded up a few different Gelatti strain reviews from Leafly so you can see a variety of opinions and experiences from those who know this strain the best, the stoners themselves.


“The first hits go to my head and then knees and feet taking all physical and mental pain away. I’m relaxed but I’m not tired. I fall asleep when I want but I’m not that sleepy. I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.”

“The odor is kinda sweet, no cough, a little dry-eye but no dry mouth (I hate that) and best of all, zero munchies.”

“Very uplifting and energetic high.”

“ One or two hits will get you quite euphoric and uplifted.”

Medical marijuana (potential health benefits)

“It knocked out my insomnia! And my carpal tunnel!”

“This strain leaves you very relaxed and not sleepy, it helped my PTSD and pain.”

“Good amount of energy and it helped with my back pain.”

Color, flavor, and aroma

“Beautiful light purple and green nugs.”

“Has a floral taste without being obnoxiously so. Description mentions a gas like ending, the taste is so subtle I’d say it was more light menthol. The buds ranged from dime size to slightly larger than a quarter, largest being around 1.5 grams. Although the size wasn’t impressive, the dense yet fluffy bud structure was.”

“When you can exhale and taste a muffin or poundcake, there is no bigger delight. Relaxing and euphoric with a nice stony head high.”

“Str8 gas for us gas lovers.”

“This strain has a grassy, woody aroma and grinded weed has a nice bright green/yellow hue. The taste is more like I expected, a sweet mixture of berry, pine, and flower flavors.”


“This strain relaxes me and outs me in the mood for some video games.”

“I smoked this strain with my partner and what followed were countless giggle fits and some of the best sex we have ever had lol.”

“It was lovely. I was expecting to game pretty hard but I cleaned my kitchen instead.”

“ did set me off creatively. I guess if you're trying to write a screenplay this is the strain you want.”

“This strain had me re-enacting the Anakin v. Obi-Wan duel on Mustafar while watching Prison Break. That’s all I have to say.”

“Effects are what you want from a hybrid, enjoy a day outdoors or couch lock with a movie.”

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