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Square Silicone Keychain Wax Container

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The Square Silicone Keychain Wax Container is a pocket-friendly storage unit for taking your concentrates on the go. The silicone material keeps waxes from sticking to the sides while the small hole in the protrusion makes a perfect channel for a keyring or small chain.

You can find the round variation by following this link.

The Good

Portability for concentrates takes on two primary meanings, depending on the underlying intentions. For some, it’s about taking some of your stash along to share with friends, family, or complete strangers. For others, it’s because you regularly forget to fill up a vape pen when you’re at home and don’t want to risk being stuck somewhere without it. Of course, for some it’s a combination of both and for few, it’s neither. Keep in mind, there are some walking among us who are always on the lookout for innovative ways to port their favorite hot sauce to a restaurant.

The Bad

A square is great shape, like all geometric figures, and shouldn’t be used to put someone down.

The Ugly

With that said, Charlie Brown was a bit of blockhead, due his continual, misplaced trust in Lucy to hold properly the football during kickoff.