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High Hemp Rolling Papers - 3 Pack

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The High Hemp Organic Rolling Papers are a sublime pack. These thin papers don’t include any bullshit additives, making these as safe to consume as the bud you smoke.

The Good

Making a fantastic joint takes a bit of practice – some of us get it right off the bat while others will need time, patience, and a stoner mentor to make rolling the perfect joint a reality. All in all, it’s not overly complicated but it does take a bit of finesse and practice for most of the population to perfect. These particular papers are as slick as they come, namely because they lack the silly chemicals you’ll find in many other brands. If you’re a tobacco smoker, you’re also in luck as sources indicate you may die a few days later, should you switch to these rolling papers for your disgusting tobacco habit.

The Bad

Isn’t it weird when you see someone way late in their life still smoking cigarettes and trucking along like nothing is wrong?

The Ugly

Watching your great grandma smoke and drink until she’s damn near 100 years old then being bewildered when she suddenly passes on.