RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/4" Cones - 6 Pack

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The RAW Organic Hemp Cone Papers measure at 1.25" and come with 6 papers per pack and you receive a total of 3 packs with your purchase. These are among the most natural of the RAW products, as the papers are constructed from a natural hemp, rather than a paper compound. The cone shape helps you get a perfect joint every time.

The Good

The cone is phenomenal shape as it has helped dads everywhere change the oil in family vehicles. Without the cone, small bits of oil would often drip onto the valve covers or header and smoke for a short time until it all burned off. Today, we employ this marvelous shape to roll the perfect joint. Of course, you make a cone from regular paper however, we’re driven convenience. These wraps will save you a bit of time, especially if you aren’t the best at rolling plus, they’re made of hemp so it’s about the most natural thing you can safely burn and inhale.

The Bad

In classifying hemp and marijuana in the same category, we have missed out on massive income opportunities that could revolutionize the American agriculture industry today.

The Ugly

Of course, with the current administration, who knows what kind of madness will happen next?