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RnM Dab Rig - 6.5in

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R&M DAB RIG – 6.5”

Your favorite duo gets into all sorts of high-jinx and now you can join them with this 6.5” R&M Dab Rig made from durable borosilicate glass.

🤪 2 DESIGNS – Chill Out & F*ck Off Images

⚗️ THICK BASE – Sturdy & Durable

🤪 COOL CIRC PERC – Awesome Filtration

⚗️ TRAVEL SIZE – Lightweight and Portable

🤪 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



Each side of the Dab rig features both characters at their finest. One side has both of them chilling out and the other side they’re flipping the bird and telling the world to F*ck off! Each design features awesome high quality artwork.


It’s important to have a thick sturdy base for your dab rig. It protects the whole piece from the inevitable bump or clumsy friend, while also providing structure and balance so your rig won’t tip over or wobble.


Circ percs create a lot more bubbles than traditional diffused downstems. That’s why they create some awesome filtration that cools your smoke and vapor even on delicious giant hits and rips. Comes either clear or in teal.


This piece is just 6.5” from base to the tip of the quartz banger. It’s small enough so that you can travel with it for shared seshs with your friends and buds. The wide water chamber means it can hold lots of smoke or vapor for really big hits in a compact frame.


A built-in teal green or clear splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate, the bent neck also adds extra splash protection.

Not only are all our products priced affordably at increments of 420, but everything gets shipped from our warehouse in LA in discrete yet sturdy packaging.

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