High Hemp Organic Wraps - Mango 2 Pack

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The High Hemp Organic Wrap is a vegan-friendly paper for your rolling needs. Unlike the cigar papers you find at convenience stores and gas stations, these wraps are free from tobacco and the other harmful chemicals typically found in such wrappers.

The Good

Even though glass smoking pieces are the “go-to” for most smokers, there’s something special about a blunt. Though glass allows you to maximize every bit of your herb, the blunt holds a kind of significance other pieces lack: community. A blunt says “share me” more so than any other smoking apparatus (except, maybe a hookah.) These wraps are more than just flavor and the extra capacity, compared to a joint. They’re about sharing.

The Bad

If you smoke a blunt to yourself, don’t be surprised when your only friends don’t invite you to cookouts.

The Ugly

Friends forgive you for not sharing, invite you to a barbecue, and purposely exclude you from a smoking session to prove a point.