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Handmade Wood Herb Grinder - 2 Parts

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The Handmade Wooden Herb Grinder is a small, single-chamber grinder with metal pegs in the grinding chamber that are thin but sturdy, which is ideal for shredding dense nugs of fine weed. Plus, it’s small size helps with a portability.

The Good

Nothing shows the world you have you shit together quite like fine wooden décor. You look classy with great hardwood throughout your home, from solid oak floors, original trim, and furniture not made of IKEA particle board. The problem is, solid quality wood is expensive, hence the reason we emulate the look with laminates which applied to inferior materials. It’s pricey to outfit your home with fine oak and slick mahogany kitchen cabinets so you best start saving now. In the meantime, this neat little grinder can add a character to any room.

The Bad

Quit buying furniture from Target. You’ll pay too much for something that looks high-quality only to find it falling apart in a few years.

The Ugly

Making your own furniture is difficult and time consuming however, it’s quite rewarding.