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Glass Blunt

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Glass blunt with large chamber, mouthpiece, extra tube, & cleaning brush.

Get ready for blunt with a real twist. No more struggles trying to roll the perfect blunt, with this revolutionary glass pocket blunt, you can say goodbye to those pesky rolling papers. Place your herb into the glass tube, screw on the cap, and you're ready to smoke! Unlike a one-hitter, you can load this baby up with a lot of green stuff, and ash it as you smoke by simply twisting.

🍦GET TWISTED - Smokes Just Like a Blunt

🍦OOH, SHINY - Gold-colored Accents

🍦HIGH QUALITY - Made of High Quality Metal & Glass

🍦 KEEP IT CLEAN - Comes With Cleaning Brush

🍦2X THE FUN - Comes with 2 Glass Tubes

🍦CAP IT OFF - Comes With A Mouthpiece Cap

Not only will this reusable blunt save you money on rolling papers, it’ll also create less waste (rolling papers come in packaging that goes in the trash), so you’ll be going green in more than one way.

Ready to upgrade your blunt smoking experience? Buy the Glass Blunt now!