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Florence Flask Glass Oney - 3in

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Uniquely designed, portable glass one-hitter. Various color options.

This unique design is perfect for satisfying anyone from the chemistry enthusiast to the aspiring evil villain. It’s been said that this bowl is best utilized while wearing a lab coat. If you’d like, you can even break into maniacal laughter in between hits. Of course, if you’re trying to be discreet, wearing a lab coat in public and laughing like mad scientist will draw unwanted attention. Luckily, this one hitter is small and discrete enough to fit in the coat pocket and bring along to all of your maniacal adventures.

1️⃣ ONE HIT WONDER - One Hitter Style Hand Pipe

1️⃣ PORTABLE - 3” Length

1️⃣ BETTER HITS - Chambered Pipe

1️⃣ HIGH QUALITY - Scientific Borosilicate Glass

1️⃣ YOU DO YOU - Choice of 6 Colors

This multi-chambered pipe uses stem indents to concentrate smoke for bigger, better hits.

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