Elements 1.25" (1 1/4") Ultra Thin Rolling Papers - 50 Pack

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The Element Rolling Paper Packs feature ultra-thin rice papers, maximizing the flavor of the herb you roll. This pack comes with 50 rice papers, featuring a mellow sugar gum flavor. The pack includes a magnetic closure to prevent damage to the top sheets.

The Good

Though glass may be the preferred method for today's smokers, there’s something special about a masterfully-constructed joint. It’s perhaps the most portable of anything you could possibly smoke. It can’t shatter and the worst possible outcome from losing it means you’re out a little bit of herb. Not to mention, a joint can “disappear” which is important when you’re behind enemy lines (i.e. a state or area where it’s not decriminalized.) These thin papers maximize flavor with a thin construction and subtle hint of sugar gum flavor.

The Bad

You tuck the joint behind your ear before you go to visit your mom and she busts you. Now, you need to share with her instead of your buddies.

The Ugly

Getting pulled over in the Midwest, eating the joint, then hacking up the joint as you’re handing over your license and registration.