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E420 Animal Mystery Box

E420 Animal Mystery Box

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Arrive by: Wednesday, Sep 27 - Monday, Oct 02
Fastest delivery: Tuesday, Sep 26

Let Out a Roar with the E420 Animal Mystery Box!

🐅 Mystery box with all things animal related!

🐅 From a mouse to a tiger, giraffes, zebras and more!

🐅 Three tiers to choose from, Starter, Lifted, and Premium

🐅 Each box is hand selected by the E420 team!

🐅 Great box for those who love rainbows and the mystic!

🐅 Tons of different animal themed items!


Discover the untamed greatness of the E420 Animal Mystery Box! From mice, tigers, giraffes, zebras and more, the options are as wild as the jungle. Choose from three exciting tiers for a custom selection of animal-themed items, all hand-picked by the E420 team! Perfect for those who love cuddly creatures and the great outdoors! So pounce on this purrfect deal today!

Each box can possibly contain multiple items like a Stash Jar, Grinder, Rolling Tray, Dab Tool, Pipe, even a Bong. On top of the possible essentials, our staff will hand pick other possible items to drop in the mix like torches, dab mats, rolling papers, and ash trays


Style -Mystery Box

Brand - Everything 420

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E420 Animal Mystery Box