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Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick - 2 Pack 9ft

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick - 2 Pack

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Ditch the butane for a beeswax hemp wick lighter!

😊 Bee Line hemp wick

😊 2 Pack

😊 Made of organic hemp and beeswax

😊 Packaged with recycled materials

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick - 2 Pack

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick - 2 Pack 9ft
All Products Are Shipped Discreetly From USA


Are you sick of lighters and the never ending cycle of running out of fluid or even worse, losing them? No matter how many lighters you have in your house, something will happen to every single one. Moral of the story is to switch over to Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick to make your life easier! A carefully curated mix of organic hemp and beeswax, using organic hemp wick cuts out the harmful effects of butane and allows for more control. Light up the open end of the hemp wick lighter and apply to a bowl or joint, it’s that simple! When you’re done, make sure the flame is out and tuck back next to your bong until next time. Feel even better knowing all Bee Line products are packaged with recycled materials and your contributing efforts to helping the environment!


Brand - Bee Line

Weight - 2.5 oz

Style - Hemp Wick

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