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Our Members-Only Crew

For only $20/month, you will receive: 1) a monthly allowance of $14.20 (rolls over when unused), 2) an infinite sitewide discount of 15% off, 3) freebies with orders, 4) front-of-the-line order processing, and 5) double the entries to our Rips Sweepstakes! What are y'all waiting for?!

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E420's Members-Only Crew

"The allowance my mom gave me never covered bongs... But hey, this one does!"

-Spike Leaf

What are our most popular perks?

TLDR... Here's the breakdown:


  • $14.20/month allowance (rolls over)
  • Infinite 15% off sitewide
  • Freebies with orders
  • Front-of-the-line order processing
  • Double the entries to our Rips Sweepstakes

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