RAW Cone Papers

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The RAW Cone Papers are designed to optimize the rolling process as well as allow whatever kind of smokey treat you pack to burn more efficiently.

The Good

The cone is shape you don’t see very often unless there’s road construction nearby or you’re using a funnel to top off the fluids in your vehicle. Yet, the cone is an integral part in “how” you see. One the cellular photoreceptors in your eye, known as the cone, is the first line how we process 3D space and perceive colors. Within these cones are three variations which are sensitive to different tiers in the visible spectrum. When you apply this same shape to a smoking tool, you’ll see for yourself that there is little correlation between the mechanics to sight and smoking herb.

The Bad

Smoking pot is one of the best treatments for glaucoma however, it’s not medically accepted in over 40% of US states.

The Ugly

Letting glaucoma go unchecked can lead to blindness after the optic nerve succumbs to enough damage.