420 Leafy Metal Mini Rolling Tray

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The 420 Leafy Metal Mini Rolling Tray is designed to keep your herb in order during rolling endeavors. This plate features several iconic marijuana leaves with everyone’s favorite three-digit number printed in the middle of the tray. The protruding sides keep bits of dank herb in place, rather than scattered about a broad surface.

The Good

If you’re the rolling type, you know the frustration watching someone try making a joint or hooter for the first time. Cheers if you possess the patience to teach someone the art of rolling bud into a perfect smoking construct. Even though you might be a pro who quickly busts out a joint from your lap with just a paper, your mitts, and a baggie of herb, not all have the training to accomplish this admirable feat. In the very least, this tray keeps all your supplies in one spot while preventing stray weed from slopping off the edges. If you’re keen to training, this is a great platform for teaching others a dwindling artform.

The Bad

Watching someone who can’t get past the fear of destroying the paper, resulting in loosely rolled hooter.

The Ugly

You’re really into helping your friend master this technique but their nervous sweating makes it impossible to produce a good smoky treat.