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Limited Edition - Tools With Character

Are you looking for a special piece to add to your collection of smoking tools? Maybe something that tells a little bit about who you are and what you’re into. Perhaps you are searching for just the right gift for a friend. Just because Everythingfor420.com sells everything for $4.20 doesn’t mean you won’t find limited edition, high quality tools and supplies.

When it comes to grinders, we have some unique tools in our collection. There’s the metal three part Bob Marley rotary grinder. This grinder is available in three unique designs. We also have a fun metal two part Pokeball Awesome Grinder and a metal two part Pikachu grinder for the Pokemon fan in your life. We have some special Alice in Wonderland pieces including an Alice Syndicate storage and grinder case and a Mad Hatter metal grinder keychain. The Alice and Mad Hatter grinders are the latest in grinder! They are thin, portable metal microplanes that act like a cheese grater for your flowers.

There’s a little something for everyone in our wide array of limited edition dab tools. We have high quality tools with metal shafts, just the right size spoon, and cool characters on top. These limited edition tools feature your favorite characters from Mario, Pokemon, South Park, Star Wars, and more. Check out the Breaking Dabs and Making Dabs tools if you’re a Breaking Bad fan.

If you’re looking for storage, check out the limited edition Pokeball wax container and the Alice in Wonderland Syndicate grinder and case. This case has a great little storage are for any leftover herb.

There’s no better way to express your personality than with a fun and unique grinder, case, or dab tool. At Everythingfor420.com, we’ve got you covered when it comes to limited edition tools with some character and as always, they’re only $4.20!