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Iridescent Bong - 14in

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Watch the swirling iridescent colors change and get richer and deeper the more you use this 14” Iridescent Bong made from colored borosilicate glass. The more you use your bong, the stronger and richer the colors will express themselves. That means your bong will actually get better the more you use it! The included bowl can hold a lot of herb. It’s made from the same iridescent glass that the rest of the bong is made from. It will undergo a deep color change after just a few uses.

✅ STUNNING GLASSWORK – Awesome Colored Glass

✅ BIG BONG HITS – Large 14” Height

✅ COLD AS ICE - Built in Ice Catcher

✅ MATCHING BOWL PIECE – Iridescent Herb Bowl

✅ NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard

At 14” inches tall, this big beaker style bong can hold a ton of smoke or vapor. It’s thick, sturdy and delivers big hits. Invite some friends over and see who can get the best rips. The ice catcher sits just above the water chamber so your smoke or vapor hits the ice before traveling up the tube towards your mouth. A built-in splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

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