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Glowing Honey Bee Dab Rig - 7 in

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glow in the dark

Melt away your worries... and your dabs with the beautifully crafted Glowing Honey Bee Dab Rig. Uniquely accented with colored honeycombs and honey bees, if you shut off the lights the honeycombs and central artwork located above the chamber will glow in the dark! Each hit is filtered through the water filled chamber, cooling your smoke for a much smoother inhale. Standing 7 inches high, thisย dab rig can easily be stowed away, or left on display when not it use. It comes equipped with an angled mouthpiece to avoid any splashback, and a fixed downstem with removable quartz banger nail. Because the nail is removable, you can use this rig with both dab and flower attachments.

๐Ÿ Glow In The Dark!

๐Ÿ 7 Inches Tall

๐Ÿ Honey Bee & Honeycomb Accents

๐Ÿ Removable Quartz Banger Nail

๐Ÿ Reduced Splashback

The Glowing Honey Bee Dab Rig is made from high quality, heat-stable borosilicate glass. If you have been searching for a new rig that provides full-flavored, cool hits, look no further!ย ย 

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