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Delta 8 Concentrate

Unless you don’t use cannabis products at all, you’ve almost certainly heard of the latest trend to hit the cannabis community, Delta 8 THC. Many users of this hot new cannabinoid are from non-legal states, but even those who regularly partake in marijuana should experiment with the unique properties and many benefits of this alternative THC. Read on to learn all about Delta 8, cannabis concentrates, and where you can find the best Delta 8 concentrate online.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are essentially any product extracted from the cannabis plant that is more potent than dry herb. There are many different kinds of cannabis concentrates out there, but they are all marijuana in its most potent form. What makes the texture and look of different concentrates unique is the type of solvent and the technique used during extraction and post processing. Some of the most popular cannabis extracts are crumble, shatter, budder, distillate, rosin, hash, wax, live resin, and butane hash oil (BHO). These concentrates are further categorized into either solvent or non-solvent concentrates based on the extraction methods used to obtain just the most potent part of the plant. Solvent based extraction methods use chemical solvents such as butane, CO2, or even household isopropyl alcohol to strip the potent cannabinoid-rich trichomes from the cannabis plant. The solventless extraction process is typically safer and can be done by cannabis enthusiasts at home. The method usually requires a kief screen to separate out trichomes (also called pollen) or heat and pressure. Hash and rosin are two of the most common solventless cannabis extracts.

Since the most potent part of the cannabis plant is used to create these extracts, the final products are much stronger than even the highest quality top-shelf flower since all non-psychoactive plant material is removed. Good dry herb normally tests at around 30% THC, while cannabis concentrates range from 50% up to a whopping 90% THC. Because of their consistency and extremely oily nature, THC concentrates require high temperatures to vaporize and a normal lighter just won’t cut it. Extracts are dabbed using a traditional dab rig, nectar collector, vaporizer, or dab pen, which are specially designed to smoke concentrates. Extracts can also be cooked into edibles and some can be consumed directly from the jar or dropper.

Does Delta 8 have concentrates?

Yes! There are a few key differences between normal THC concentrates, which are extracted from the marijuana plant and Delta-8 THC extracts, which are almost always derived from the hemp plant. There is no such thing as a Delta 8 cannabis plant or strain. Delta 8 THC is obtained through a multi-phase process that starts with extracting CBD from a hemp plant. The concentrated CBD is then mixed with a solvent such as toluene or heptane and an acid to cause a reaction at the molecular level, which is called isomerization by scientists. The mixture needs to sit for roughly 24 hours before it’s washed away and Delta 8 THC distillate is left. At this stage, the Delta 8 THC is already a concentrate but the manufacturer can use various techniques to turn it into other types of concentrates similar to those made from normal THC. Delta 8 THC concentrates are available in nearly all the same forms as those made from normal THC. As you can see, it’s not easy to convert cannabis flower into Delta 8 and the process should always be done in a laboratory setting for safety reasons. Despite the lengthy process needed to obtain Delta 8, it is still a naturally occurring cannabinoid, though it’s produced in trace amounts.

You may be wondering why anyone would create such a work intensive process for less of a high than normal marijuana concentrates. The answer is simple. When the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 allowing the cultivation of federally legal hemp plants, the cannabis industry saw a loophole in the verbiage. The bill requires all extracts including CBD products to have 0.3% THC (Delta 9) or less. It makes no mention of other natural cannabinoids such as Delta 8, Delta 10 or THC-O. By using legal hemp plants instead of highly restricted marijuan plants, those within the cannabis industry were able to create completely legal high quality products that could be sold online and throughout the U.S. with few restrictions. While the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency hasn’t yet cracked down on Delta 8 and other concentrates made from alternative THCs, several states have implemented restrictions at the state and local levels. Most companies who sell Delta 8 concentrate online such as Everything For 420 won’t ship these potent products to states with any restrictions just to be safe. Check your state and local regulations regarding Delta 8 CBD products.

Do Delta 8 concentrates get you high?

Alternative Delta THC products will get you high and are marketed as an alternative to marijuana products in non-legal states. While Delta 8 THC concentrates absolutely will get you baked, they are milder than regular THC extracts. The effects are identical to THC with users having uplifting, euphoric, happy feelings, and a full body and mind buzz just at a lesser level. One advantage of the milder effects is that it’s coupled with almost no negative effects such as increased paranoia and extreme anxiety. This allows a larger number of people to enjoy cannabis in a new way without having to worry about negative effects. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get baked out of your mind with Delta 8 products. You should still take it very slow because just like normal dabs, a little bit of Delta 8 concentrate goes a very long way. Keep the same low dosage of roughly the size of half a grain of rice or the point of a ballpoint pen when dabbing Delta 8.

What is the strongest Delta 8 concentrate?

Delta 8 distillate is the strongest Delta 8 concentrate on the market and any type of dabs is next on the list. These highly concentrated extracts test at up to 83% potency and should only be used by experienced stoners looking to get blazed. For high potency and easy use, try Delta 8 distillate in syringe form. We’ll talk more about this later, but the glass syringe can be touched to any hot surface such as a dab nail and has measurements on the side for precise dosing.

How to use Delta 8 THC concentrates

When talking about any type of cannabis product, smoking is the first thing that often comes to mind, but Delta 8 THC concentrates are extremely versatile and can be used and consumed in numerous ways. After plant material is processed from CBD and turned into Delta 8 THC, it is already highly concentrated. At this point manufacturers and brands are able to decide what products they want to produce and exactly how potent they want them to be. The Delta 8 concentrate can be infused into hemp flower to create dry herb or moon rocks; turned into dabs such as wax, shatter, budder, and oil; baked into edibles like cookies or gummies; or infused into topicals such as body butter, balms, salves, tinctures, and oils. Here are just a few ways you can use your Delta-8 concentrate.

Smoking Delta 8 concentrate infused flower

While the final product isn’t necessarily a concentrate, Delta 8 flower is infused with Delta 8 THC concentrate to create the psychoactive effects you know and love. Usually hemp flower is used as a base instead of marijuana since it is federally legal to grow under the current Farm Bill verbiage. Delta 8 concentrate infused flower is sold like normal dry herb, but if you aren’t so fond of rolling, Delta 8 pre-rolled joints are also available. Seasoned smokers who want to take it up a notch can try lighting up Delta 8 moon rocks. A moon rock is a non-psychoactive hemp flower nug that has been dipped in Delta-8 concentrate and rolled in a coating of CBG or CBD kief. Both Delta 8 flower and Delta 8 moon rocks can be rolled into joints and blunts or smoked with a water bong, bubbler, or glass pipe like regular dry herb.

Vaping and dabbing Delta 8 THC concentrate

If you prefer the smooth vapor produced by dabbing or vaporizers, try Delta 8 dabs. You’ll need a glass dab rig, dab pen, nectar collector, portable dab-rig, or electric nail to consume highly concentrated extracts in this way. Simply place the Delta 8 THC concentrate onto the hot surface of the dab nail and cover it with a carb cap just like you would with normal dabs.

Delta 8 THC concentrate edibles

Every cannabis enthusiast will agree that eating weed is a very different experience than smoking it. There are countless types of Delta 8 edibles for sale that have been infused with distillate or other forms of concentrates such as Delta 8 gummies, cookies, chocolate, brownies, and other sweets.

Best Delta 8 concentrates for sale

Kush Kolectiv Delta 8 Wax Shatter

With the popularity of dabs on the rise, it’s no surprise that you can also find Delta 8 dabs for sale. Kush Kolectiv’s Delta 8 Wax Shatter is one of the best Delta 8 concentrates for the price point. Each travel-friendly tin is non-stick, which makes life a lot easier while out and about and contains two grams of potent cannabinoids that are ready to dab with your dab pen, e-rig, or traditional glass dab rig. In the final stages of the extraction process, the Delta 8 concentrate is infused with natural terpenes to give the shatter added flavor. Choose from Glookies, Lemon Diesel, Sunday Driver, Purp Punch, and Blue Crush, or try them all!

Palm Treez Co. Delta 8 Hash

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, the OG is hash. While there isn’t a Delta 8 cannabis strain or flower that grows naturally, this hash is created using CBG or CBD kief from non-psychoactive hemp flower mixed with Delta 8 concentrate to give it the kick stoners love. Delta 8 Hash from the reputable brand, Palm Treez Co., is 100% organic and non-gmo with loads of CBD to complement the other cannabinoids for a full spectrum profile and the elusive entourage effect. Produced using ancient Moroccan techniques, each batch of this Delta-8 concentrate has undergone third party lab testing for purity, potency, and safety. You won’t find any heavy metals, fertilizer, or pesticides here! You’ll never get bored with six flavors to choose from including Super Lemon Haze, Blueberry, Mango Kush, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, or natural.

Palm Treez Co. Delta 8 Syringe

Most stoners agree that syringes are one of the best Delta 8 concentrates since it’s mess-free, easy to dose, very versatile, and simple to use. The Palm Treez Co. Delta 8 Syringe is loaded with 850 mg of Delta 8 concentrate that can be dabbed, baked into edibles, or directly absorbed under the tongue. The syringe has easy to read measurements for precise dosage and is made from heat-safe borosilicate glass so you can squirt it right onto a hot quartz banger. There’s no need to go looking for your dab tool! Choose between three available strains, Lemon Pound Cake (sativa), Runtz (indica), and Strawnana (hybrid) depending on your preferences and the occasion.

Creating Better Days Delta 8 Sublingual Tincture

For those who want to be extra discreet with their cannabis use, sublingual tinctures will get the job done and no one will be aware of what you’re up to! Sublingual application, that is absorption through the soft tissues under the tongue, is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get those cannabinoids straight into the bloodstream, though it is also possible to add a few drops of the tincture to food or drinks. Think about all those elevated iced teas you can have next to the pool! Perfect for on the go, the Creating Better Days Delta 8 concentrate tincture comes in a one fluid ounce glass jar with an easy-to-use dropper top. The Delta 8 THC concentrate is available in 500 mg or 1,000 mg strength depending on your preferred dose and needs.