Round Silicone Dab Mat - 4in

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Like all the best things in life, dabbing is a whole lot of fun, but gets pretty sticky. Lucky for you, the Round Silicone Dab Mat is an affordable way to keep your coffee table clean while dabbing as much as your heart desires. Simply lay it down beneath your rig and it’ll catch all drips and residue that might fall, plus you can rest your dab tool down on it inbetween hits.

⭕ EASY TO CLEAN - High Quality Silicone

⭕ TEXTURED GRIP - Keeps Your Rig Stable

⭕ FITS MOST RIGS - 4” Diameter

The textured silicone surface of this dab mat also helps keep your dab rig stable and not sliding around all over the table while you’re trying to use it.

Ready for a super convenient dabbing experience? Buy the Round Silicone Dab Mat now!