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The Ice Catcher - 11in

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When things get a little too fire🔥 it’s time to chill it wayyy down ❄️. That’s why The Ice Catcher is here to help make sure that both your aesthetic and your hits are cooler than cool.This bong’s multi-layered ice pinchers lets you enjoy those direct straight-shooter hits you know and love, without feeling the burn. The diffusers in the built-in downstem create additional filtration for an experience as cold and smooth glacial ice.

❄️ CHILL AF - Iceberg Inspired Translucent Design

❄️ REGULAR SIZE BONG - 11” height & 1.1lb Weight

❄️ HIGH QUALITY - 4mm Heat Stable Borosilicate Glass

❄️ KEEP IT FREEZY - Multi-layered ice catcher

❄️ SMOOTH RIPS - Built-in Diffused Downstem

❄️ KEEP IT CLEAN - Built-in Ash Catcher

❄️ 14mm female joint with bowl included

When filled with water and ice, the translucent blue glass of this bong creates an iceberg-like effect. So take your cool to the extreme with The Ice Catcher as your companion on your next polar expedition, or your next Netflix sesh - either way, you’ll be ready to chill.

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