Blunt Wraps - Roll a Blunt with Flavor

Blunts were originally named for the Phillies Blunt brand of cigar. They’re also knows as an “El-P” or just “L” from the El Producto brand or “Dutch” from the Dutch Masters. Blunt wraps are traditionally made from tobacco paper, but can also be made from hemp. Rolling with a blunt wrap is a great way to add flavor and character to your smoke.

We carry a wide variety of flavors, sizes and brands of blunt wraps at With each pack costing only $4.20, you can go wild and try any and every flavor! Check out Juicy Hemp’s Mango Twist Papaya or Strawberry Fields. Looking for something more traditional? Go for the XXL Blunt Wrap OGK or Naked. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy paper or glass tips and a roach holder to keep your fingers clean and cool.