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Stoner Gifts

May 27, 2021 4 min read

stoner gifts

One of the best things you can do for a stoner loved one is to supply them with useful stoner gifts that every marijuana user needs. From 420 apparel to various smoking accessories that no one ever really wants to buy for themselves, there are so many ways to make your loved ones happy without breaking the bank. Here are some must-have stoner gifts to level up your homies’ collection in the way they deserve.

Stoner apparel

Besides smoking accessories, stoners love apparel that speaks to their heart in the form of Mary Jane. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a necklace or a hat there are so many ways for a stoner to sport their love for the ganja. Here are some stoner gifts to choose from based on your homie’s vibe, there’s something for everyone!

Odd Sox 

If you’ve never heard of Odd Sox you are in for a real surprise, in a good way. We can assume that Odd Sox were created by stoners and for stoners, but the motto is to stand out and BE ODD! Here are some recommendations of the best Odd Sox for the ultimate stoner to take an edible and trip out on.

90s squad odd sox

The 90s Squad Odd Sox are for the nostalgic stoner that wants to be surrounded by childhood favorites like the Rugrats. A high-length sock will keep any stoner nice and cozy for an epic smoke sesh that feels like you’re never alone when wearing these!

spongebob odd sox

The SpongeBob Odd Sox will spice up any stoner outfit with the different colors of Patrick and SpongeBob himself. Dance around the house in these socks all day long and you’ll be feeling like you’re a kid again watching Saturday morning cartoons.

marijuana odd sox

The Marijuana Pack Odd Sox is about as stoner-esque as you can get, so this pair of socks speaks for itself. Say you are a stoner without saying you are a stoner loud and proud with these socks! This is the perfect pair to a Friday night outfit with a bong right next to you.

EF420 Stoner Apparel

There’s nothing like waving your stoner flag high like wearing EF420 apparel any chance you get! Here are a few fan favorites when it comes to wearing all things EF420 and connecting with other stoners who love EF420 as well.

EF420 hat

Get yourself an EF420 hat, especially for those red eye moments. This hat goes with just about any stoner outfit you can think of with an all black finish for that sophisticated touch. Choose from a snap back or a strap back and add the finishing touches on your most epic stoner fit.

EF420 crop top

The EF420 Crop Top is for the stoner babes that want to get high but still look cute doing it. Made of a cotton and polyester blend, experience ultra comfort in a flattering cut to either stay in on the couch or run out to do errands. 

EF420 hoodie

The EF420 Hoodie is the best stoner hoodie since the original stoner hoodie. Made of a heavy cotton and polyester blend, this black hoodie is extra thick and ready to be worn during your next smoke session. The most ideal ending to a day is getting home from a long day of work, switching into your EF420 hoodie and lighting up a fat bong rip.

V Syndicate Rolling Trays

One of the most thoughtful stoner gifts is a cool rolling tray, because the best kind of stoner is a prepared one and what better way to say i love you to a stoner than to supply them with the goods. Here’s a few rolling tray recommendations and throw in a gram or two of your friend’s favorite weed strain.

V Syndicate Caterpillar Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray

The V Syndicate Caterpillar Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray is a trippy addition to any stoner’s rolling routine, and what better gift than the gift of something being shatter resistant? Your stoner friend does not have to worry about breaking this thoughtful gift and can always remember you when rolling a joint.

 raw zombie metal rolling tray

The Raw Zombie Metal Rolling Tray gives crazy Halloween vibes and is an attractive array of colors that suits any stoner energy. This durable rolling tray is also affordable so it is an easy stoner gift to get that won’t put you behind in bills.

V Syndicate Red Hamsa Glass Rolling Tray

The V Syndicate Red Hamsa Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray is a beauty to look at and a dream to use! A mesmerizing hamsa design is front and center surrounded by a dark red color that will make your weed look even more luxurious. Each stoner deserves some good energy in their life and this glass rolling tray delivers!

Best stoner gifts for him and her

Check out the stoner gifts collection yourself and choose the vibe that matches your tribe without breaking the bank. There’s something for the dabbers, the occasional stoners and the full-blown Mary Jane lovers that we know and love. Help your homies fly their stoner flag high with some epic stoner gifts no one can resist.

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